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    • 13 Jan 2024
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (PST)
    • 5519 Five Mile Drive, Tacoma WA, 98407

    Heritage Skills Workshop – Butchering/Curing

    Heritage Skills Workshops preserve traditional skills through instruction, demonstration, and experiential learning. Register now for this heritage skills workshop to learn skills of butchering and curing methods from the 19th Century. The instructor will demonstrate traditional seam butchery where only knives and cleavers are used. There will also be a focus on principles of traditional nitrate-free whole-muscle curing with bacon and ham.
    This class is a four-hour, intimate observational experience, with occasional hands-on opportunities.
    Bring your own sack lunch and filming/recording devices.

    Date: Saturday, January 13, 2024
    Time:10 am-2 pm
    Price: $125
    Location: 5519 Five Mile Drive, Tacoma WA, 98407

    Website address for registration information:  

    • 02 Feb 2024
    • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (PST)
    • 5519 Five Mile Drive, Tacoma WA, 98407

    Leather Working Class

    Feb 2, 2024
    10am - 1pm

    5519 Five Mile Drive, Tacoma WA, 98407

    This is a beginning level class in basic hand stitched leatherwork. We will be constructing a simple pouch, a small sheath for a pair of nippers, and a small needle case.

    The principles which will be taught are:

    • Introduction to leather tools and leather
    • Using the pricking iron
    • Sewing leather using the basic saddle stitch
    • Making a simple pattern.
    • Making a simple turned pouch.
    • Making a simple sheath
    • Cutting out from a pattern. (The needle case)

    Materials will be provided and the participant will go home with a pair of thread nippers, a simple scratch awl and the 'fruits' of their labors. Projects can be completed at home. A list of basic leather working tools and sources will be provided.

    Taught by Robert Steele

    Ticket Pricing Information:

    General Public $70
    Members: $63

    Pre-Registration Required https://www.metroparkstacoma.org/event/heritage-skills-workshop-leather-working/

    fort.nisqually@tacomaparks.com |  253-404-3970

    • 01 Mar 2024
    • 03 Mar 2024
    • Historic Washington State Park, AK

    Arkansas Living History Assn. and ALHFAM

    2024 Joint Conference

    Looking for Truth in America’s Historic Places…

    March 1 – March 3, 2024

    Hosted at Historic Washington State Park
    Washington, Arkansas

    Call for Proposals

    Workshops, Sessions, Panels, and Presentations

    As “living historians,” we choose our topics and investigate our sources to weed out fact from fiction. One way to do this is by sticking primarily to our primary sources. However, artificial intelligence today is making it harder to distinguish between what is real or false in this day and age. Succeeding generations will be using it more and more. Therefore, since artificial intelligence is here to stay, can it be used with living history to reach the new generation? How can it be used in the future to interpret history accurately?

    The Arkansas Living History Association and the Southeast region of the Association of the Living History, Farm, and Agricultural Museums seeks proposals for workshops, sessions, panels, and presentations for the 2024 conference in Washington, Arkansas. This conference will look at the different ways living history educates our visitors about the past in the present. To submit a proposal, please fill out the form on the back. Attach additional sheets if necessary. Submissions will be accepted by mail, email, or fax. All presenters are expected to register for the full meeting or the day on which they present.

    Deadline for submitting proposals is November 30th, 2023.

    Download the submission form here.


    Sheila Ballard
    Museum Program Assistant
    Historic Washington State Park
    P.O. Box 1053 Hope, AR 71802
    Phone: 870-983-2684
    Email: sheila.ballard@arkansas.gov

    • 02 Mar 2024
    • 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM (PST)
    • 5519 Five Mile Drive, Tacoma WA, 98407

    Tin Smithing: Tin Cup or Mug Class

    March 2nd, 2024
    10am -3:30PM

    5519 Five Mile Drive, Tacoma WA, 98407

    A tin cup, suitable for drinking or use as a soup or porridge bowl, will be made. Each student may choose from either a drinking mug or a pouringer of similar design and both based on historic examples. They are made with simple tinsmithing hand forming methods and techniques using tinsmith hand tools. Tinsmith methods to be used include: forming cylindrical bodies over a stake, crimped edges with mallet and stake, wiring rims and handles and soldering joints. All necessary tools and supplies will be provided.

    Ticket Pricing Information:

    General Public $80
    Members: $72

    Pre-Registration Required

    fort.nisqually@tacomaparks.com |  253-404-3970

    • 03 Mar 2024
    • 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM (PST)
    • 5519 Five Mile Drive Tacoma WA, 98407

    Tin Smithing: Candlesticks and Wall Sconces

    March 3rd
    10am -3:30pm

    5519 Five Mile Drive Tacoma WA, 98407

    Early American lighting was provided by candlelight. In this class, make tinplate candle holders in several styles and a tinplate wall sconce. You will learn simple tinsmithing hand-forming methods and techniques using tinsmith hand tools. All necessary tools and supplies will be provided.

    Ticket Pricing Information:

    General Public $80
    Members: $72

    Pre-Registration Required

    fort.nisqually@tacomaparks.com |  253-404-3970

    • 05 Mar 2024
    • 07 Mar 2024
    • 101 Visitor Center Drive, Williamsburg, VA 23185

    Firearm Safety Seminar

    March 5 - 7, 2024

    101 Visitor Center Drive, Williamsburg, VA 23185

    The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation will be conducting a Firearm Safety Seminar March 5-7, 2024 in Williamsburg, Virginia. This 3-day course will cover everything you need to know to either start demonstrating historic firearms, or to help ensure your staff are current on best practices in the industry. Over the course of the seminar, we will cover the selection of demonstration spaces, firearm safety and troubleshooting, creation and storage of ammunition, ATF concerns and policies, maintenance practices, record keeping, and creation of an S.O.P. document for your staff. In addition, we will visit our collection to give you an inside look at Colonial Williamsburg's own storage and conservation. Finally, all participants will have a chance to practice on our live fire range, giving you the feel of a musket with real ammunition. For more information, please visit:


    • 21 Mar 2024
    • 23 Mar 2024

    MOMCC 2024 Spring Conference
    (Midwest Open Air Museums Coordinating Council)

    Bishop Hill IL March 21-23, 2024

    Seeking Utopia: A Look at How Innovations and Traditions Help Some Utopias Thrive

    Join us at the Utopia on the Prairie as we look at the ways that technology advances, combined with traditional crafts, help utopias and other historic sites survive and prosper.  Investigate the various ways these places have evolved over the decades.  For this particular conference, we will emphasize hands-on workshops, where participants will learn about traditional handicrafts.


    Session proposals are now being accepted; see the form for additional details. Use this form.

    Session proposals should be submitted not later than August 1, 2023 Submit to Todd DeDecker, Program Chair, PO Box 92, Bishop Hill, IL 61419

    bhha@mymctc.net Phone 309 927-3899 www.bishophillheritage.org

    • 01 Apr 2024
    • (PDT)
    • 04 Apr 2024
    • (PDT)
    • 5519 Five Mile Drive Tacoma WA, 98407

    New: Heritage Skills Spring Break Camp

    April 1st - 4th, 2024

    5519 Five Mile Drive Tacoma WA, 98407

    Ages 10 - 15yr old. Spend your spring break learning lasting skills! Participants will use hands-on training sessions to learn heritage skills that will enrich their modern lives. Workshops will differ from day to day and will all be taught by skilled instructors. Register for a single day or all four consecutive days. These are intensive 6.5-hour long workshop days, participants should be prepared for both historical instruction and hands-on skills indoors and outdoors.

    Ticket Pricing Information:

    General public: $65 for single day, Members: $58.50

    General public: $260 for all four days, Members: $234

    Pre-Registration Required

    fort.nisqually@tacomaparks.com  |  253-404-3970

    • 07 Jun 2024
    • 10 Jun 2024
    • Hopewell Township, NJ

    Annual Meeting & Conference
    of the As
    sociation for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums

    Curating Living History:
    Preserving Skills and Intangible Culture

    Rider University in Hopewell Township, New Jersey
    June 7- 10


    For those who use living history to preserve the work, play, stories, traditions, and lifeways of times past, the ability to transfer knowledge and skills from one generation of practitioners to another is of critical importance.

    How do we ensure that the living, intangible cultural heritage held in our hands is as safely and comprehensively kept as the material culture that supports and reflects it? Can the historical skills of a farmer, miller, butcher or tailor be collected, registered, curated and preserved like the tools and equipment they use?

    During ALHFAM's 2024 annual conference, stakeholders from museums of all kinds are invited to explore the ways that curatorial methods, succession planning, and the development of strategic skill training and transfer systems can help us preserve the intangible cultural heritage that is the heartbeat of living history.

    Conference Format

    The theme will be explored during a two-part conference that will use hands-on training workshops as the inspiration for keynotes, papers and roundtable discussions that will engage all participants in the work of strengthening the standards, best practices and professional skills needed to preserve living history’s invaluable intangible culture.

    Part I: June 7 – 10 will be a 4-day in-person forum based at Rider University in Hopewell Township, New Jersey. It will include presentations on curatorial tools and methods, hands-on workshops, meetings of professional interest groups, and both formal and informal networking opportunities. Half-day and full-day workshops will serve as a means of skill sharing and transfer, as well as opportunities for participants to learn about and contribute to the documentation of workshop content conducted by members of the Conference Committee.

    Part II: September 9 – 10 will be a virtually held symposium with both live and recorded presentations. It will begin with a presentation and evaluation of workshop documentation produced by the Conference Committee and volunteer contributors, followed by theme-related sessions and roundtables. The virtual session will conclude with the debut of the updated ALHFAM Skill & Knowledgebase (A.S.K.) presented by members of Princeton University’s I.T. Department, who are assisting ALHFAM with improvements to the database that will allow for the storage and searching of photographs, videos, an audio library and other digital assets.

    Papers and Workshops

    Whether you are a curator, interpreter, museum director, or practitioner of a skill presented at a historic site, your contribution is essential to the goal of the conference, which is to share tools, methods, ideas and experiences that can strengthen the preservation of intangible culture.

    Workshops are sought on collections care, exhibit planning, interpretation, historic site administration and management, trades, crafts, farming, domestic arts, military reenactments, training and apprenticeship methodology, and other areas of import to ALHFAM members and the wider history community. In support of our goal to document each workshop to the fullest extent possible, presenters are expected to contribute a detailed narrative of their workshop’s content for publication in the Conference Proceedings.

    Papers are sought on methods that are used to curate material culture, as well as those used to document skills, practices, processes and systems preserved at living history sites and open air museums, and at other museums with collections of intangible culture. Also sought are papers and case studies on apprenticeships, internships, workshop design and delivery, training methods, succession planning and other tools for acquiring, conserving and transferring skills.

    Download the In-Person Workshop Proposal Form (fillable PDF)

    Download the Virtual Papers Proposal Form (fillable PDF)

    Download a sample PDF of a "Sheep Shearing Workshop"

    To submit your proposal form digitally, please email it to: conference-proposals@alhfam.org

    It can also be completed online, printed out and then mailed to:

    2024 ALHFAM Conference Committee
    Howell Living History Farm
    101 Hunter Road
    Titusville, NJ 08560

    Submissions are due by midnight Pacific time December 31, 2023.

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15 Dec 2021 Culinary Curiosities: Online Baking Class
11 Nov 2021 MOMCC 2021 Fall Virtual Conference
10 Jun 2021 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting & Conference
29 May 2021 Introduction to Bobbin Lace
17 Apr 2021 Ox Driving
18 Mar 2021 MOMCC 2021 Virtual Spring Conference
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10 Mar 2021 Historic Blacksmithing Technique: Steeling Tool Faces with Sean Stoughton
28 Feb 2021 Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) Course sponsored by the National Association for Interpretation
26 Feb 2021 2021 SEALHFAM Virtual Regional Conference
24 Feb 2021 Rites of Spring: Maple Syrup Production in Early 20th Century Ontario with Jeremy Robson
10 Feb 2021 The Lake Simcoe Ice Harvest with Darryl Wines
27 Jan 2021 (Cancelled) Felt Making with Lindsay Stewart (Canada Agriculture and Food Museum)
13 Jan 2021 Orange Peels with Mya Sangster
12 Dec 2020 Painted Canvas Floor Cloth
02 Dec 2020 The Season's Greetings, with Tom Reitz
21 Nov 2020 Thriving in Changing Times: ALHFAM 2020 Western Region Meeting
18 Nov 2020 A Merry Look at Yuletide Fare, with Carolyn Blackstock
14 Nov 2020 Spoon Making
11 Nov 2020 MOMCC 2020 Virtual Fall Conference
07 Nov 2020 Backpack Basket Weaving
07 Nov 2020 Cider Brewing
04 Nov 2020 Baking with Charles Tod, a Scottish Baker in Canada West, with Amy Scott
24 Oct 2020 Come Dye with Us
20 Oct 2020 Tuesday Tobacco Talks
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22 Jun 2020 VISION: A 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting & Conference
13 Jun 2020 19th Century Cooking Techniques
13 Jun 2020 Introduction to Small Scale Hay Making
16 May 2020 Wild Edibles
16 May 2020 Handcut Dovetails
09 May 2020 Learn the Art of Making Rigging Blocks
03 May 2020 Woodworking: Parent & Child (Ages 7-10)
03 May 2020 Introduction to Cheesemaking
03 May 2020 Piecing and Quilting
03 May 2020 Penny Rugs: Wool on Wool Applique
03 May 2020 Introduction to Broom-Making
03 May 2020 Woodworking: Parent & Child (Ages 4-6)
02 May 2020 Introduction to Raising Chickens
02 May 2020 Portable Workbench
02 May 2020 Farmhouse Breakfast
02 May 2020 Basic Blacksmithing
02 May 2020 Introduction to Basketmaking
02 May 2020 Woodworking for Beginners
02 May 2020 Standing Wool Rugs
25 Apr 2020 Flavors from the Hearth Cooking Workshops: Traditional Bake Day
19 Apr 2020 Paper Flowers (PA)
11 Apr 2020 Flavors from the Hearth Cooking Workshops: Celebrating Springtime
05 Apr 2020 Alternative Photography with Cyanotypes/Sun Prints, Lumen Prints, Pinhole Cameras and Anthotypes
04 Apr 2020 Introduction to Hand Tools: Identification, Care, and Use
29 Mar 2020 Beginner Blacksmithing (PA)
28 Mar 2020 Flavors from the Hearth Cooking Workshops: New England Fare
28 Mar 2020 2020 Mid-Atlantic Conference
26 Mar 2020 Beekeeping 101
26 Mar 2020 ONLINE / EXARC: Documentation Strategies in (Archaeological) Open-Air Museums
21 Mar 2020 Hearth Cooking Workshop
21 Mar 2020 Tinsmithing
18 Mar 2020 MOMCC 2021 Spring Conference
15 Mar 2020 Beginner Spinning (PA)
14 Mar 2020 Flavors from the Hearth Cooking Workshops: A St. Patrick's Day Meal
14 Mar 2020 Introduction to Woodworking
14 Mar 2020 Introduction to Maple Sugaring
12 Mar 2020 MOMCC 2020 Spring Conference
29 Feb 2020 Flavors from the Hearth Cooking Workshops: A Hearty Winter Dinner
22 Feb 2020 Basketry
21 Feb 2020 SEALHFAM 2020 Regional Conference
15 Feb 2020 Flavors from the Hearth Cooking Workshops: Valentine's Day
07 Nov 2019 MOMCC 2019 Fall Conference
16 Oct 2019 Western Region Conference 2019
07 Sep 2019 Plowing Workshop for ALHFAM Members
08 Jun 2019 2019 Annual Meeting
08 Mar 2019 CANCELED: New England Regional Conference 2019
07 Mar 2019 MOMCC 2019 Spring Conference
22 Feb 2019 Southeast Regional ALHFAM Conference 2019
24 Jan 2019 Mountain Plains Skills and Trades Exposition 2019
08 Nov 2018 Fall 2018 MOMCC Conference (Midwest Region)
01 Nov 2018 Western Regional Conference 2018
26 Oct 2018 Mid-Atlantic Skills Workshop and Regional Meeting 2018
13 Oct 2018 Fowl Butchering 101 Workshop at Sauder Village
01 Jun 2018 2018 Annual Conference
13 Apr 2018 New England Regional Conference 2018
09 Apr 2018 ALHFAM Dairy Workshop
23 Mar 2018 First Person Interpreters Retreat 2018
11 Mar 2018 ABCs of Farm-Based Education
08 Mar 2018 MOMCC Spring Conference 2018
02 Mar 2018 Southeast Regional Conference 2018: CANCELLED
10 Nov 2017 MOMCC Fall Conference 2017
13 Oct 2017 Atlantic Canada Regional Meeting: Learning Centre: Space for Education and Community
26 Sep 2017 Western Regional Conference
21 Sep 2017 2017 Mountain-Plains Regional Conference
09 Jun 2017 2017 Annual Conference -- Breaking Through Barriers: Living History in Modern Times
03 Apr 2017 ALHFAM Dairy Workshop
31 Mar 2017 2017 SEALHFAM Conference-Registration Deadline Extended to March 20!
09 Mar 2017 MOMCC Regional Conference: Coping With Success
03 Nov 2016 MOMCC/Midwest & Mountain-Plains ALHFAM Conference Program and Registration materials now available
21 Sep 2016 2016 Western Region Conference
09 Sep 2016 2016 Canada - Atlantic Region
27 Aug 2016 2016 Western Canada Regional Conference - Registration Open!
12 Jun 2016 2016 Annual Meeting & Conference
01 Apr 2016 Mid-Atlantic 2016 Regional Meeting
01 Apr 2016 2016 FPIPN Retreat
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05 Nov 2015 2015 MOMCC/Midwest Region Fall Conference
23 Sep 2015 2015 Western Region Conference
19 Jun 2015 2015 Annual Meeting & Conference
24 Apr 2015 ALHFAM Farmers School - Blade Sheep Shearing
20 Mar 2015 2015 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference
12 Mar 2015 MOMCC/Midwest Spring Conference
20 Feb 2015 2015 Southeast Regional Conference
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