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The 2025 ALHFAM Annual Meeting and Conference

June 20 - 25, 2025 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Strength of Diamonds: Preserving History's Facets, Skills, and Occupations for the Modern Era

Arkansas is home to the only diamond mine in the United States. Diamonds are formed when carbon is subjected to extremely high pressures and temperatures. While some objects may buckle under the kind of pressure it takes for a diamond to form, the carbon atoms come together to form the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth. As historians we are under pressure to preserve all facets of history, including the skills and occupations of our ancestors. As living historians and agriculturalists, we are uniquely qualified to pass these skills on to others. As we do this we come together to form a community of skilled craftspeople that can be bonded like carbon atoms and have the strength of a diamond. Join us in Little Rock in June of 2025 to learn how to ways to preserve all facets of history, skills, and occupations for the modern era and future generations.

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