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Strawbery Banke Museum


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Conner Prairie

The ALHFAM Historic Foodways P.I.G. is intended to serve as a gathering place for culinary historians, historic foodways workers, museum professionals, and those with a passion for historical cooking.

Our Purpose:

  • To provide a professional support network for those involved in the field of historic foodways or who have an interest in learning more about the field.
  • To share research, experience, resources, and insight pertaining to historic foodways over a variety of time periods and locations; foods used, historic receipts, techniques, equipment, demographics, etc.
  • To encourage high standards of historical accuracy within the field, while developing, honing, and preserving our collective skills and knowledge for future generations.
ALHFAMP.O. Box 16, Rochdale, MA 01542 - info@alhfam.org

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