Midwest Region (MOMCC)

Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin

Regional Representative:

Regional Representative:  Mike Follin                   

Other regional officers: 
Betsy Urven – Past President
Mike Follin – President
Jim Slining - Vice President
Dawn Bondhus Mueller – Secretary
Deb Reid – Treasurer
Gayle Richardson, Ann Cejka, Jim Patton – Members at Large
Becky Crabb - Spring Conference Coordinator
Monique Inglot - Fall Conference Coordinator
Tom Vance - Editor in Chief
Andi Erbskorn, Ed Crabb – Web Master

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Regional Updates

October 2018 Report to the Board

Meetings/conferences held and/or scheduled since last report:
2018 Spring MOMCC conference at The Landing, Shakeopee, Mn  3/ 8-10/ 2018
Summer Board Meeting 2018– Kalamazoo, MI

Upcoming Meetings/conferences planned: dates, theme, location and any other information:
Summer Board Meeting 2018 – Kalamazoo, MI
2018 Fall MOMCC conference at The Henry Ford, Detroit Mi. 11/8-10/2018
40th anniversary of MOMCC celebration, Thursday evening – Eagle Tavern, Greenfield Village.
Theme: Tried and True Reviewing-Refining-Improving
2019 Spring MOMCC conference at The Johnston Farm and Indian Agency, Piqua Ohio ,3/7-9/ 2019
Theme: What is the Story? – Understanding our multi-cultural past, present, and future.
Fall 2019 Conference- Kline Creek Farm, IL
Spring 2020 Conference- Peoria, IL. The Spirit of Peoria paddleboat is booked.
Fall 2020 Conference- Osthoff Resort, Elkhart Lake, WI
Spring 2021 Conference- Springfield, IL 2021 
Fall 2021 Conference- Tillers International, Kalamazoo, MI

Newsletters & other publications (Actual and scheduled. Attach your region’s bylaws or procedures manual if you have one):  (attached with last report didn’t know if u wanted them again)

Midwest Open Air Museums Magazine

Fall 2018 - mailed out September/ Spring 2019 to be mailed early March/ Summer 2019 to be mailed early May

Other activities or achievements: 

The MOMCC board at the summer board meeting, worked on developing and implementing the strategic plan with regard to the next 4 years.  The plan looks at purpose, viability, resources, membership and promotion with the purpose of bringing a 40 year old organization into the 21st century, in this way we can better meet the needs and serve as a better resource for our membership and regional representative of ALHFAM.


MOMCC will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary at The Henry Ford this November.

The MOMCC board is looking forward to the ALHFAM board coming and celebrating  the 40th anniversary of MOMCC.  The hotel – the Greenfield Inn Best Western – is already apprised of the need of the board room for ALHFAM use on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 10 and 11.

Number of ALHFAM members in the region at last semi-annual report:

Number of ALHFAM members currently in the region:

298 total MOMCC members/ 277 which are active  - MOMCC members are automatically ALHFAM members

Do you contact new ALHFAM members from your region? How soon after their information is received? (If you do not do this, but the “regional membership chair” does, then please include that person’s answer to this question here.)

Members are contacted less than week after the information is received from ALHFAM.  They are encouraged to become involved and informed about upcoming conferences.

Issues/concerns/other information you’d like to communicate to the CORN chair and/or ALHFAM board:

A few to be considered:

MOMCC has reviewed the “West Virginia Compact, and made suggested verbiage changes. The MOMCC board voted to send it back to ALHFAM for review and approval.

Would you like to request start-up funds for upcoming regional conferences, workshops, or to support other regional initiatives?  Please explain, including the amount requested. 

MOMCC requested the sum of $200.00 for the 40th anniversary celebration at The Henry Ford, the $200 was used to help offset costs for the Thursday evening plenary panel at The Henry Ford’s Eagle Tavern. It  includes recognition of past presidents, but also a discussion among members.  Part of the current MOMCC strategic plan emphasizes the importance of the organization as an”all things MIDWEST” resource for ALHFAM.  The ALHFAM funding allowed us to feature ALHFAM.

Accounting of any funds received or spent since the last report:

The actual “use” of the funds will not occur until AFTER this report has been filed.  Here are the particulars minus the actual account figures which will come in the NEXT report. The Funds allowed for:

  • ·       The program to have the ALHFAM logo
  • ·       ALHFAM display (and promotional literature) will be featured throughout the event – particularly during the Thursday evening event and the Friday luncheon
  • ·       Allows for the ALHFAM “town hall” that follows MOMCC’s business meeting.
  • ·       ALHFAM members and officers will get a shout-out during both these events.
  • ·       The $200 helped MOMCC keep the costs down for this milestone conference - $95 registration rate for members….

May 2018 - Membership Input Needed

We have a rare opportunity to potentially hold the 2020 March conference on a riverboat riding the Illinois River!  The boat departs Peoria Thursday morning, March 12, 2020. We'd spend Thursday night at the Starved Rock State Park Inn and travel on Friday, March 13, back to Peoria, Illinois.

The conference sessions will take place during the day on Thursday and Friday as we glide along the river. We’ll have the unique opportunity to learn, network, and explore against the background of a riverboat. Bonus! You can wear your period clothing for the entire tour.

Estimated Costs vary depending on occupancy:
$405/person for single; $355/person for double, $325/person for triple, and $295/person for quad. (By comparison note that the recent Fall 2017 conference at Sauder Village ran about $360.00. 

This cost includes conference registration, paddle wheeler transportation, luggage shuttle service to the Inn, meals on the paddle wheeler (Thurs. breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner and Fri. snack, lunch, and snack; Fri. breakfast at Starved Rock Inn); and lodging at Starved Rock State Park Inn. As with other conferences, additional nights before or after at a local hotel, pre-conference workshops and tours, and travel to and from Peoria are not included.  

This scheduling differs from normal with check-in on Thursday morning, 8:30-9:00 a.m. at the landing in Peoria, Illinois, and immediate departure promptly at 9:00 a.m. The paddleboat returns to Peoria on Friday at approximately 5:15 p.m.

We need your help to determine if there is enough interest to confirm if we should plan this conference in 2020.  We need to have an idea of interest to proceed.

Please take a moment and respond to this very short survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Y6PJNRT by May 20, 2018.

We appreciate your help with this planning!

Ed Crabb
Conference Registrar

ALHFAMP.O. Box 16, Rochdale, MA 01542 - info@alhfam.org

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