Programs, Interpretation & Education Committee (PIE)


Ellen Gasser
Heritage Park, Calgary, ALB

Sharon Heard
Frontier Culture Museum, Staunton, VA

PIE Updates

June 2018

At the June 2018 PIE PIG meeting, we elected a new set of co-chairs: Ellen Gasser of Heritage Park, Calgary, ALB, and Sharon Heard of the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, VA. Ellen and Sharon will share the leadership as co-chairs. The PIE PIG presence on Facebook now has a membership of over 600 people. Ellen and Sharon will take the PIE PIG into new projects, including considering “education swap meets” and more postings about activities across our membership.

May 2018

PIE PIG is looking for a few good folks to lead its next few years. Elections for new PIE PIG chair and co-chair will take place in person at the ALHFAM 2018 Annual Meeting, which will be held in Tahlequah, OK, USA. Nominations (or volunteers) for these positions will be accepted and voted upon at the PIE PIG meeting during the Annual Meeting. All PIE PIG members are invited to attend for this election. Any chair and co-chair must be an ALHFAM member in good standing, preferably with interest and knowledge of PIE (Programming, Interpretation, and Education), and/or with the ability to coach, manage, or encourage excellence of same.
Thank you,
Lauren Muney (co-chair)
Edward Van Vliet (co-chair)

June 2017

The PIE PIG met at the 2017 annual conference. It was chaired by co-chair Lauren Muney with helpful suggestions by PIG members. The group discussed the current PIG membership format, answered questions, and entertained suggestions.

The PIE PIG lives mostly on the Facebook page.

Anyone can join whose Facebook profile shows them working or volunteering at a living history museum or in living history. It is a “Closed Group” which requires a request to join. An administrator will review the requestor’s profile to ensure that he or she meets the professional criteria, and will then add them to the group. There are over 500 members on this group. 

The reason we allow non-ALHFAM members in our Facebook group is to drive attention towards ALHFAM to get more membership and to increase the ALHFAMily community. The PIE PIG wants to be inclusive to the living history/ag museum community and welcome anyone interested and curious but not yet members of ALHFAM. There are frequent mentions of conferences and membership to support this community-building. The reason Facebook is being used is because of the way that social media can be passed around, shared, and connected. Many people may have never heard of ALHFAM before seeing it on Facebook. We like showing all the great things to the world that our ALHFAMily does.

There is also the ALHFAM-members only forum, residing on the ALHFAM website:

The PIE PIG tossed around a few ideas for moving forward. We will focus on this in the winter season after the hustle and bustle of the 2017 season winds down.


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