First Person Interpreters (F.P.I.)



  • To provide a support network for practitioners of first-person interpretation.
  • To promote high standards of quality for first-person interpretation.
  • To provide a clearinghouse for techniques, advice, employment opportunities, and resources.
  • To meet as an ALHFAM PIG and conduct pre-conference workshops or sponsor sessions at Annual and Regional ALHFAM meetings, as well as independent First-Person retreats.
  • To organize a network of independent contractors and museums so both types of agencies can locate appropriate talent for their projects.


The committee disseminates its lists, guidelines, and resources via the ALHFAM Web Page (, email, and the ALHFAM Bulletin.


  • Past into Present: Effective Techniques for First-Person Historical Interpreters. University of North Carolina Press, 1998. by ALHFAM member Stacy Roth.
  • Three page summary of 1997 ALHFAM pre-conference workshop, The Freelance Interpreter: Issues, Audiences, Marketing & More. 1997 ALHFAM Annual Meeting Proceedings, Vol. XX, Pages 255-257.
  • ALHFAM Proceedings especially Vol. XXII, 1999 FPIPN pre-conference workshop papers, pages 70-75,112-14, 121-124.
  • Stacy Roth has compiled a list of historic sites that use first-person interpretation.
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