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  • In the case in which I have created works for publication in one or more of the Association’s annual softbound publications known as the Proceedings (the “Proceedings”) or other Association publications (which I hereby acknowledge were published with my permission); or in the case in which I create works hereafter for publication in the Proceedings or other Association publications (all of which being referred to hereafter as the “Works”): I hereby grant to the Association all worldwide rights to copy, make, use, modify, perform, and make derivative works of the Works in any format, including in any electronic format such as in an electronic database of publications of the Association to be uploaded onto its website. I understand that the “Works” as defined shall include any photographs, graphics, diagrams, maps and the like used in the works referenced above.
  • I hereby represent and warrant my ownership of all rights necessary to grant such rights in the Works and the Association’s quiet enjoyment of all those rights. I understand that I shall retain all rights in the Works, including copyright rights, subject to this grant to the Association.
  • I agree to provide at the Association’s reasonable request editorial support to the Association for the Works. I understand that the Association undertakes the obligation to mark any publications of the Works on a going forward basis with copyright attribution as follows: © 2021 Association for Living History, Farms, and Agricultural Museums All rights reserved. Used by permission.
  • I agree and abide by ALHFAM's Social Media Policies
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