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MOMCC Fall 2024 Conference

  • 06 Nov 2024
  • 09 Nov 2024

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MOMCC (Midwest Open-Air Museums Coordinating Council)

2024 Fall Conference

November 6 - 9, 2024

Hosted by Usher’s Ferry, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cultivating Community: Preserving the Past, Serving the Present, and Nurturing the Future

Museums rely heavily upon community support, but how do they use their mission of preserving local history to serve and support their communities in return? Join us at Usher’s Ferry Historic Village in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as we explore the roots of agrarian communities and how they developed, flourished and, in some cases, faded. From farming villages to the six square mile township district that served rural citizens before the advent of automobiles, good roads, and centralized community government. Take a deeper look beyond the daily activities of farm life or small-town commerce to explore issues of law, government, education, transportation, social welfare, and how every-day rural citizens stepped forward to serve and build the framework of the Midwest towns and cities that we know today.

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