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  • 19 Nov 2019 5:14 PM
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    Led by the Agriculture and Animal Welfare Coordinator, the Farm Staff work to support and maintain Agricultural programing at Old World Wisconsin.  As part of the Guest Experience Team they work collaboratively using historic animals and farming practices to bring to life 19th century farming for the public. They provide experiences that are engaging, enriching, authentic and relevant to over 68,000 guests each year.  Farm Staff support guests in connecting to history in new and hands-on ways.

    Each day Farm Staff work behind the scenes as well as face-to-face with guests – in both one on one and group settings.  They demonstrate historic farming practices and methods which can include feeding animals, milking cows, hitching and driving horses and oxen, tending to and maintaining planted fields and pastures, fence, machinery and vehicle repair.  The Farm staff are also stewards of the animals, buildings and collections of the Wisconsin Historical Society, providing daily care, maintenance and upkeep to ensure that we are able to share Wisconsin’s stories well into the future.

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