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Director of Hale Farm & Village - Bath, Ohio

  • 31 Aug 2023 4:04 PM
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    Director of Hale Farm & Village

    RESPONSIBILITY:    Responsible to the President and CEO 1) for all aspects of museum operations, including museum preservation, revenue, maintenance, programming and private event priorities; 2) financial controls, including the meticulous and responsible management of HFV  annual budget; 3) for aligning HFV experiences with WRHS strategic plan; 4) for role modeling WRHS values - Integrity, Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion, Stewardship and Excellence; 5) for creating and stewarding an inclusive environment consistent with WRHS’s strategic plan and code of conduct; 6) for safeguarding Hale Farm and Village’s and WRHS’s reputation in the community and museum field

    CLASSIFICATION:   This position is classified as full-time, administrative and is exempt from overtime compensation.

    SUPERVISION:          Supervises all regular full-time and part-time employees of HFV, people employed under terms of grants and contracts with HFV, interns, and volunteers.


    1.   In consultation with the WRHS President and CEO and SVP of Advancement, proactively works to secure resources - cash and in-kind donations - for HFV projects and programs

    2.     Coordinates marketing and communications with HFV and WRHS marketing department(s)

    3.     Coordinates exhibitions of collections and collection management at HFV with WRHS curators

    4.     Is WRHS liaison to Citizens of HFV Auxiliary  

    5.     Is liaison to for WRHS to various organizations in/around the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Akron, and Summit County


    1.     Directs day to day operations of Hale Farm & Village

    2.     Manages hiring, development, and performance of all HFV employees

    3.     Responsible for delivering HFV operating plan (annual calendar) and budget to President and CEO annually by April 1 for July 1 fiscal year

    4.     Initiates, leads and ensures the growth of HFV earned income initiatives, including but not necessarily limited to admissions, memberships, retail and wholesale sales, private parties and events  

    5.     Manages HFV capital projects

    6.     Maintains and provides financial records in cooperation with the business office.  Records must satisfy audit requirements.   

    7.     Responsible for the development and implementation of public and K-12 school programs, special events and workshops, and for securing underwriting for programs and public events

    8.     Responsible for continuation and growth of HFV’s Volunteer Program, and for serving as the direct liaison to the Citizens of HFV Auxiliary.

    9.     Maintain compliance with external regulations and internal policies

    10.  Present for arts and culture activities in Greater Akron to promote the work of WRHS and to gain greater support for HFV and WRHS

    11.  Ensures HFV web and social media presence is 100% accurate and up to date

    12.  Attends WRHS Leadership Team meetings

    13.  Undertakes other duties as assigned by the President and CEO of WRHS. 

    QUALIFICATIONS:  The Director of HFV is a senior level position of the WRHS that requires advanced academic training or long-time professional experience in a similar position, achievement in his/her fields and unquestionable integrity, honesty and transparency.

    Educational requirements include a Master’s degree in any of the following areas:  American History, Historic Preservation, Architecture, Agriculture, Art, Education, Business, Political Science, Anthropology, Museum Studies, or related field.  Qualified candidates may have certified training in a field fundamental to the operations of museums, outdoor living history/house museums, farm and gardens, parks, and cultural heritage tourism. 

    Professional experience directing or managing a museum, park, historic house museum, or organization similar to HFV that places a high priority on guest experiences, hospitality, and cultural heritage tourism with a minimum of five years as a manager/director of people and projects is essential.  Demonstrated success managing projects from ideation to completion is required.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills are also required. 

    Personal characteristics that are essential include transparency, honesty, diplomacy, self-awareness, creativity, loyalty, enthusiasm, flexibility and the capacity to work well independently, and with cross functional teams.   

    Interested Candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to Jennifer Dukes, HR Manager at jdukes@wrhs.org by September 30, 2023.

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