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ALHFAM Proceedings Index

The table below provides an index of all papers that have been published in ALHFAM Proceedings. The "Year" heading indicates the year of the annual meeting, not the year the Proceedings was published. 

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Updated through 2015 Proceedings

Content Categories 

ALHFAM: Articles or reports related to the organization itself, including annual meeting and board minutes, treasurer's and financial reports, reports on the annual meeting, obituaries, or anything else on similar topics.
Site Reports: 
Articles that review a specific historic site, living history museum, farm, etc.
Articles and information on plants, farms, farming, farm machinery, livestock of all types, crops
Articles on school programs, public programs, interpretive techniques of all kinds including first- and third-person, educational strategies, sample lesson plans or similar material
 Articles on specific historical topics or events; material culture topics including research on specific types of objects or groups of objects; collections management including storage, handling and conservation of objects; curatorial techniques; exhibit planning, design and execution; emergency planning
Living History/Museology: 
Articles on the analysis of the techniques of living history; museum practices; history of living history museums and other similar topics
Living History Skills: Articles about living history skills and trades
Administration: Articles on museum administration including personnel issues; site management; budget planning; long-range planning

YearAuthorTitleContent Category
2015Gallas, Kristin, and Rose McApheeGiving Voice to Long Silenced Millions: Best Practices for Interpreting Slavery at Historic Sites and MuseumsEducation/Interpretation
2015Lynn, BevinCustom DrapingResearch/Curatorial
2015Templin, Laura, and Cindy DanielTechniques for Time Travel: Role Playing and Storytelling, Advanced Interpretive and Teaching TechniquesEducation/Interpretation
2015Cannon, KatieWait. . . there isn’t toothpaste?Research/Curatorial
2015Heinrichs, Christine, Elaine Shirley and Jeannette BerangerPoultry and How It Relates to Your SiteAgriculture/Livestock
2015Horn, James PConference Keynote AddressALHFAM
2015McCabe, BetsyPortraying Historical Agriculture Through Public History: A Work in Progress (Poster Session)Education/Interpretation
2015McCabe, Susan, Mary Seelhorst and Megan McAdow2016 Centennial Programs at Applewood Estate in Flint, Michigan: Reflecting the Values of C. S. and Ruth Mott (Poster Session)Education/Interpretation
2015Magnuson, MorganLiving History Interpretation: The Next GenerationEducation/Interpretation
2015Wallace, AlexaInvolving History Students in the Museum World: Introducing the Field of Living HistoryResearch/Curatorial
2015Powell, BobA View from the Furrow: Bob Peacock, Fenland “Horsekeeper”Research/Curatorial
2015Hallman, JonathanEighteenth-Century Trades in a Modern World: A Discussion of How Modern Circumstances and Modern Attitudes Affect the Practice and Interpretation Of Eighteenth-Century Trades in a Twenty-First-Century MuseumLiving History/Museology
2015Taylor, DelToward a Greater Understanding: First Nations/Native Interpretation ProgrammingEducation/Interpretation
2015Webster, NancyHow the Lesser Sorts Ate: Eighteenth-Century Material Culture of the Kitchen and the Table – An On-Going Mid-Atlantic InvestigationResearch/Curatorial
2015Reid, Debra A. A View from the Farm House: Domestic Life and Family Socializing during the Production RevolutionResearch/Curatorial
2015Vam Kuren, SharonCooks, The Greatest Tool is You!Living History/Museology
2015Corson, BarbaraA Look at Harness Theory and Practice: “Harness the Horses, and Get Up, ye Horsemen”Agriculture/Livestock
2015Powell, BobA Look at Harness Theory and Practice:Wood, Rope, Leather (and Metal): Thoughts on Period Harness and HitchingAgriculture/Livestock
2015Goodsell, Leo, Marie-Sophie Desaulniers, Deb Friedman and Kathy DicksonMurder in the Museum: A Guide to Preventing and Surviving ViolenceAdministration
2015Credle, JamiePut Yellow Fever in Your Toolbox: The Evolution of Savannah’s Dreadful PestilenceResearch/Curatorial
2015Rigsby, JamieHantavirus, Lockjaw, Lacerations – Oh My!: Safety in the Living History WorldAdministration
2015Westphal, RonAG 101: A Short History of CornAgriculture/Livestock
2015Lauderdale, JimHistory vs. HeritageEducation/Interpretation
2015Sayre, Laura, Pete Watson and Rob Flory“So Is It Organic?”: Historical Farming Practices and the Question of Agricultural SustainabilityAgriculture/Livestock
2015Sayre, LauraReconsidering “the Myth of our Organic Past”Agriculture/Livestock
2015Watson, PeteOrganic OpportunitiesAgriculture/Livestock
2015Callahan, Colleen, and Karen I. BohlekeAn 1820s Farmer’s Coat: A Conservation Challenge & Tool for InterpretationEducation/Interpretation
2015Pawling, RichardA Peace Pipe, Tomahawk, Strings of Wampum and a Jaeger Rifle: The Tools of Conrad Weiser, Pennsylvania’s Provincial Peacekeeper (1731–1760)Research/Curatorial
2015Zucker, MelanieConserving Your Toolbox: Resources for Collections and Architectural AssessmentResearch/Curatorial
2015Cannon, KatieBut They Didn’t Have iPads Back ThenEducation/Interpretation
2015Smola, MikeLong Ago and Far Away: Furnishing an 1830s Mission Storeroom and Doctor’s Office at Hawaiian Mission Houses Museum, Honolulu, Part IEducation/Interpretation
2015Seelhorst, MaryLong Ago and Far Away: Furnishing an 1830s Mission Storeroom and Doctor’s Office at Hawaiian Mission Houses Museum, Honolulu, Part IIResearch/Curatorial
2015Carle, KandieYou Just Can’t Find Good Help These Days!: Casting/Staffing First-Person InterpretersAdministration
2015Kelleher, TomYou Just Can’t Find Good Help These Days: The Essentials of Hiring a Good InterpreterAdministration
2015Pacey, Peter“You Just Can’t Find Good Help These Days!”Administration
2015Kley, Ron, and Jane RadcliffePrivate Leary’s Visit to Williamsburg, May 5, 1862Research/Curatorial
2015Dillon, Clarissa“Sufficient to subsist th’Inhabitants”Research/Curatorial
2015Neale, JeffAshley’s Sack: An Interpretive DichotomyResearch/Curatorial
2015Glatfelter Schlag, HeidiEyesore or Opportunity: How the Canal Quarters Program Turned Deteriorating Historic Structures into Award-Winning Interpretation and Outreach ToolsEducation/Interpretation
2015Schmitt, CarolannFrom Steel Mills to Steel Petticoats: Using Historic Clothing as a Tool to Interpret Other TopicsEducation/Interpretation
2015Helmick, Jamie, Jay Templin and Brian BeckleySTEM-ing the Tide: Incorporating STEM Without Casting History AdriftEducation/Interpretation
2015Fuller, Deb (with Deb Friedman, Joyce Henry, Gary N. Costello and Melanie Diaz)Creating a Toolkit for Hosting Reenactments, Living History Timelines, and Other Reenactor Events at Your SiteEducation/Interpretation
2015Hook, EileenPractical, Protective and Fanciful: Aprons in the Late-Eighteenth to Mid-Nineteenth CenturiesResearch/Curatorial
2015Challman, MaryUnderstanding Intellectual Disability: Increasing Accessibility in Education and InterpretationEducation/Interpretation
2015Marken, LarryHistorical Games and Recreational Activities for Visitors at El Rancho de las GolondrinasEducation/Interpretation
2015Kelleher, TomFrozen Assets: The Ice Industry and Ice HarvestingResearch/Curatorial
2015Egloff, Nancy and Ron KleyAbstracts of Additional Conference Events and PresentationsALHFAM
2014Brennan, BrianKeynote: Alberta Innovators and EntrepreneursALHFAM
2014Watson, PetePast President's Address: Speed the Plow and AlohaALHFAM
2014Hilden, Barbara L., and Heather Kerr"They Didn't Have Stairs Back Then!": Risk and Reward in Living History Exhibit DesignLiving History/Museology
2014Ignolfsson, SigurlaugurThe Challenges of Recreating Rural Life of Nineteenth Century IcelandLiving History/Museology
2014McCabe, Susan J.Extending the Curatorial Hand to Non-Museum Folks: Finding the Right BalanceLiving History/Museology
2014Blank, MelissaFeeding the Anderson Crew: Developing an Interpretive Plan for the James Anderson Kitchen at Colonial WilliamsburgResearch/Curatorial
2014Mohammed-Amin, Rozhen KamalWhat does Augmented Reality (AR) Have to Offer Living History Museums?Living History/Museology
2014Cowan, TrudyWhose Voice? Interpreting with Cultural SensitivityEducation/Interpretation
2014Braman, LenaHow Not to be Upstaged by an Albertosaurus!Education/Interpretation
2014Follin, MikeThe Art of "Being" First Person, Or, Putting Life into a Costumed CharacterEducation/Interpretation
2014Carle, KandieWearing Originals: When To, When Not To, and Why I DoLiving History/Museology
2014Matheson, TrevorSuccesses and Struggles of Street TheaterEducation/Interpretation
2014Gummo, Karen, and Mary HaysReal People with Real Stories: Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Risk TakersResearch/Curatorial
2014Kelleher, TomEconomics 101: Interpreting Money and Economics with TodayEducation/Interpretation
2014Taylor, DelToward a Greater Understanding: A Panel Discussion on First Nations/Native Interpretive ProgrammingEducation/Interpretation
2014Cushing, BrianLiving History: The Road to Relevancy in the Twenty-First CenturyLiving History/Museology
2014Reid, Debra A.From Pigs to Porkbellies: Interpreting Local Hog HistoryEducation/Interpretation
2014Desaulniers, Marie-Sophie, and Molly McCulloughEntrepreneurialism at the Canada Science and Technology Museums CorporationLiving History/Museology
2014Baker, EdwardAn Icon is Coming to Town: Planning for the Visit of the Charles W. MorganAdministration
2014Aitkens, WendyExtending the Curatorial Hand to Non-Museum FolksAdministration
2014McDonald, EmmaAwash with Opportunity: The 2013 Hangingstone River Flood and Heritage ParkAdministration
2014Kley, Ron, and Jane RadcliffeColoring Outside the Lines: An Off-Mission GambleAdministration
2014Trischuk, PamelaEasy and Effective EvaluationsAdministration
2014Powell, BobThe Legacy of Isabel Frances GrantResearch/Curatorial
2014Kvill, RandyAgricultural Machines: Alberta Retrospection (The Remembering of Past Events)Research/Curatorial
2014Pacey, PeterThe Art of the Beaver: Entrepreneurial Lessons from Lord BeaverbrookResearch/Curatorial
2014Demlow, KaySelling NostalgiaResearch/Curatorial
2014Reid, Debra A.A View from the Furrow: Growing up During the Production RevolutionResearch/Curatorial
2013Reid, Debra A.Keynote Synopsis: A Brewery OwnerALHFAM
2013Dillon, Clarissa F. Imitation, "the sincerest form of flattery"Living History/Museology
2013Kelleher, TomCider for the Table: Making Cider in Three Easy StepsLiving History/Museology
2013Uthoff, Sarah S.One Room Schools: What's for Lunch?Living History/Museology
2013Uthoff, Sarah S.Thanksgiving: From Pilgrim to PioneerResearch/Curatorial
2013Hook, EileenLooking for Eliza: Using Genealogical Data for First Person InterpretationEducation/Interpretation
2013Baker, EdwardThe Rocket's Red Glare: Bringing Local History to a National StageResearch/Curatorial
2013Meads, Jaynanne RigbyCaptivated: The Silk Cap of Lucy Mack SmithResearch/Curatorial
2013Lynn, ChrisThe Civil War in 3-D: Ballooning in the 1860sResearch/Curatorial
2013Pawling, Richard N.At the Ready: Interpreting the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg through the Spirit of Bugler Oliver Willcox Norton, Co-Composer of TapsEducation/Interpretation
2013Bangall, KyleProject Passenger PigeonResearch/Curatorial
2013Ferrin, CiuinRomanies: From Mumbai to Mason CityResearch/Curatorial
2013Williams, Jim and AnnIt Ain't Necessariliy So: Re-Writing your Site History using Original SourcesResearch/Curatorial
2013Woodcock, MickPhysical Control for Collections: Keeping it on the Table after Bringing It All to the TableResearch/Curatorial
2013Katz-Hyman, Martha B. Artifacts in ActionResearch/Curatorial
2013McCabe, JimArtifacts in Action: Maximizing Opportunity While Minimizing RiskResearch/Curatorial
2013Kley, Ron, and Jane RadcliffeCollections Management: Bringing Experience to the TableResearch/Curatorial
2013Kleberg, John R.Protecting Cultural Property and Historical CollectionsResearch/Curatorial
2013Kelsey, DarwinThe Countryside InitiativeAgriculture/Livestock
2013Bellas, ChristinaTaking the Farm to the SchoolAgriculture/Livestock
2013Griffin-Kremer, CozetteWorldwide Animal PowerAgriculture/Livestock
2013Jones, CliffAg 101: Small GrainsAgriculture/Livestock
2013Schultz, Ed, Wayne Randolph, Darwin Kelsey, and Debra A. ReidWhat is a Living History Farm? Living History/Museology
2013Reid, Debra A.Gentleman and Gentlewoman Farmers in the Shadow of the Big CityAgriculture/Livestock
2013Schultz, Ed, Jon Failor, Rhys Simmons, Matthew Sanbury, Dave HruskaWhoa Means Whoa! Oxen DilemmasAgriculture/Livestock
2013Kelleher, TomIntroductory First-Person Interpretation: Best Practices Workshop; Some Thoughts and TipsEducation/Interpretation
2013Gibbs, AnthonyThe Living History ProfessionalEducation/Interpretation
2013Green, Theodore D. R.Place-Based Learning and Living History: How Can Museums Connect to Twenty-First Century Learners?Education/Interpretation
2013Beck, Ric, and Dan TrothRe-creation for Recreation: A Community Effort to Save a Piece of HistoryEducation/Interpretation
2013Daley, Timothy M. A Monument to Service: The Cuyahoga County SoldiersEducation/Interpretation
2013Caramia, John A. (Jr.)Interpreting African American History through the Lens of the PresentEducation/Interpretation
2013Katz-Hyman, Martha B.Bruton Heights School: The Anchor of a CommunityResearch/Curatorial
2013Braden, Donna R.Taste-Testing the Visitor ExperienceLiving History/Museology
2013Gasser, EllenUsing Their Voices: Engaging Cultural Communities in Living HistoryLiving History/Museology
2013DeFillo, CarliBeyond Demonstrating: Brining People to the Work TableEducation/Interpretation
2013Glatfelter, HeidiTurning Online Visitors into Museum VisitorsAdministration
2013Barker, LesleyEngaging New and Repeat Audiences Online and In Person with a Memorable MascotAdministration
2013Kidder, LarryFood for Thought: Historical Interpretation as TeachingEducation/Interpretation
2013Braden, Donna R.Leadership at Every LevelAdministration
2013Hoff, GlennaNavigating Field Trips: How can we help teachers feed the minds of their students?Education/Interpretation
2013Schultz, LIzTeen Volunteers: Recruiting, Supervising, and Inspiring the Next GenerationEducation/Interpretation
2013Deininger, AaronCold Forge BlacksmithingLiving History/Museology
2013Tomlinson, ChetMatthew Miksch: Market Gardener in Backcountry North CarolinaResearch/Curatorial
2012Meinzer, WymanPhotography in the Big EmptyALHFAM
2012Henbest, BrucePast President's AddressALHFAM
2012Kley, Ron, and Jane RadcliffeCollection Cataloging – It Can’t be Automated…but it can be Streamlined Research/Curatorial
2012Whitfield, LynnLAM and the Case for Delivering Collections to the Web Research/Curatorial
2012McDonald, EmmaVirtual Exhibitions: Expanding our Reach Living History/Museology
2012Kelleher, TomPortraying the Dead Should Not Be DeadlyLiving History/Museology
2012Cynova, KayInvolving Youth: The Living History Apprentice Living History/Museology
2012Baker, EdwardCan Modern Dance be Living History?Living History/Museology
2012Welch, Robert F., IIHow to Incorporate Living History Into the Museum/Park EnvironmentLiving History/Museology
2012Ingraham, MercyPlaying with Fire: Relevance of Historic Cooking Programs in the Digital AgeLiving History/Museology
2012Pawling, Richard N.Interpreting a Legend: The Wild West Education/Interpretation
2012Montgomery, Evelyn, and Melissa PrycerThe Participatory Historic Site? Experiments at Dallas Heritage VillageEducation/Interpretation
2012McCabe, SusanTechnology in Museums: A Panel Discussion, Part 1Education/Interpretation
2012Taylor, KarinTechnology in Museums: A Panel Discussion, Part 2Education/Interpretation
2012McCormick, Lauren, and Laren MuneyPerson-to-Person Interactive Interpretation: HandoutEducation/Interpretation
2012Makowsky, DavidTo Arms, To Arms… the Media are Coming!Administration
2012Desaulniers, Marie-SophieSocial Media for Beginners: A Practical SessionAdministration
2012Lauderdale, Jim, and Barb KingFrom the Field to Facebook: Harvesting Your Audience Through Digital Media Administration
2012Alicea-Covarrubias, Jessica Maria, and Pete Watson and Mark TexelYou Might Be an AdvocateAdministration
2012Bluthardt, RobertThrough the Centuries at Fort Concho Site Report
2012Orr, Charleen, and Terry JacksonOur StEPs to Success: Standards and Excellence Program Administration
2012Demlow, KayOn The Cusp of ChangeResearch/Curatorial
2012Katz-Hyman, MarthaYour Family’s Stories as Living History Research/Curatorial
2012Bagnall, KyleMaking it Personal: Using the Internet for Genealogy ResearchResearch/Curatorial
2012Katz-Hyman, MarthaWhat’s Kosher All About?Research/Curatorial
2012Kessler, SierraCooking Kosher in a New LandResearch/Curatorial
2012Powell, Bob, and Darryl WinesFollowing the PlowResearch/Curatorial
2012Reid, Debra, A. Using the Journals of James G. Fanning (1806-1886) to Learn More about the Texas Civil War Home FrontResearch/Curatorial
2012Betts, VickiDocumenting the Fanning JournalsResearch/Curatorial
2012Reid, Debra, A. Translating a Farmer’s ‘To Do’ List into Living History Interpretation: A Model for Mining a Primary SourceEducation/Interpretation
2012Langellier, John P, and Mick WoodcockReconstructing Reality in a Digital Age: A Military Case Study Research/Curatorial
2012Randolph, Wayne, Franz Klingender, and Cliff JonesAgricultural Hand ToolsAgriculture/Livestock
2012Lopez, Carol KennisWe Can't Eat Gold: Agriculture in Early Colorado City 1858-1876Research/Curatorial
2012McAuley, BryanDigital Archaeology ReviewEducation/Interpretation
2011Booth, AdamKeynote: The Storytelling AdvantageALHFAM
2011Belluscio, LynneFinding the Pitchfork in the Haystack: Adding Agricultural History to Your Local History StoryEducation/Interpretation
2011Reid, Debra A.Designing a Research Plan to Incorporate Agricultural History into Your Local StoryResearch/Curatorial
2011Hostuttler, Lori A.Photographs Preservation and DigitizationResearch/Curatorial
2011Radcliffe, Jane, and Ron KleyGood Times and Bad at the Vaughn Homestead in Hallowell, MaineResearch/Curatorial
2011Albert, Regina D.A Hot Topic: Wood-fired Baked Ovens--A Sharing ExperienceLiving History/Museology
2011Cain, SusanA Personal Recollection of Canning and PreservingLiving History/Museology
2011Reid, Debra A. Canning: A Domestic Chore or Community Development ProjectResearch/Curatorial
2011Beckman, Ryan, Kathleen Wall, Justin Squizzero, Gwen Miner, and Pat McMillionThe Triumphs and Tribulations of Fee Based Cooking ProgramsLiving History/Museology
2011Dillon, Clarissa“And nevermore you’ll toil…,” Moonshine in Good Times and BadResearch/Curatorial
2011Hartley, Martha and RichardThe Frontier Table: What Foodways Really Were in Western Virginia Before the Civil WarResearch/Curatorial
2011Clancy, KarenExploration of Eighteenth-Century DyesEducation/Interpretation
2011Grandt, ArnoldThe Best Original Ideas Are Always Borrowed From Somebody Else: The Success of the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village’s Children’s Pioneer Fun DayEducation/Interpretation
2011Westphal, RonRope and KnotsEducation/Interpretation
2011Baker, MichaelThomas Chapman: Colonial Farmer Turned SoldierResearch/Curatorial
2011Cooley, PamelaSearching for Amelia Simmons: Hot Leads and Dead Ends in My Search for the Author of the First American CookbookResearch/Curatorial
2011Capps, MikeTaking a Balanced Approach to Interpretation: Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial as a Case StudyEducation/Interpretation
2011Madia, JoeyThey Weren’t Always at War: Finding and Presenting the Human Drama in Everyday LifeEducation/Interpretation
2011Pawling, Richard N.Some Things Are Too Important to Ever Forget: Interpreting the Impact of Coal Mining (Anthracite and Bituminous) on America’s HistoryEducation/Interpretation
2011Recksidler, SusanAutobiography of a Dust Bowl RefugeeEducation/Interpretation
2011St. Louis, KailaThe Sites Homestead: Engaging Six Senses in Historic InterpretationEducation/Interpretation
2011Corson, BarbaraAssessing and Assuring Animal Welfare Using Critical Control Points: A Guide for Living History FarmsAgriculture/Livestock
2011Keuster, JonLoved Too Much: Managing Visitor Perceptions of LivestockAgriculture/Livestock
2011Watson, Pete, Joyce Henry, and Rhys SimmonsPrecious Cargo On Board: Driver’s License Needed?Agriculture/Livestock
2011Nesbitt, BeckyFort New Salem: Nowhere But UpSite Report
2011Randolph, Wayne, and Ed SchultzFrom Below the Ground Up: Colonial Williamsburg’s Soil Building EffortSite Report
2011LeCount, CharlesLike Finding a Needle in a Haystack: Historic FarmersAdministration
2011Price, ToddMany Hands Make Light Work: Integrating 4-H into the Museum SettingAdministration
2011Ruggerio, JoTraining and Using Youth Interpreters EffectivelyAdministration
2010Ulrich, Laurel ThatcherKeynote: Bee Skeps, Cucumbers, and Roses: Real Gardening and Fanciful Gardening in Nineteenth-Century UtahALHFAM
2010LeCount, CharlesPast President's AddressALHFAM
2010Reid, Debra A.Agricultural Artifacts: Early Curators, Their Philosophies and Their CollectionsResearch/Curatorial
2010Kley, RonThe Founding of ALHFAM: Eyewitness MemoriesALHFAM
2010Randolph, WayneLight Follows Heavy: Step Two Harrowing and CultivationResearch/Curatorial
2010Scott, AmyHearth Death: Putting Out the Popular MythResearch/Curatorial
2010Corson, BarbaraHorsepower: Treadmills and Horse Gears in the Past and PresentResearch/Curatorial
2010Loxley, AliceSustaining the Hospital: Food, Water, and Care During the American RevolutionResearch/Curatorial
2010Dillon, Clarissa F.“Aging is an Option?” Growing Old in the “World of William Penn”Research/Curatorial
2010Poresky, Laura M.How Clothing Dies and How to Put Off the InevitableLiving History/Museology
2010Plaisted, Susan McLellan“Roots” of the Hearth WorkshopLiving History/Museology
2010Carle, KandieSilhouettes: The Black and White of it AllLiving History/Museology
2010Bondhus, Dawn, Martha Katz-Hyman, and Mick WoodcockCuration 101: Curatorial Roots for Non-CuratorsLiving History/Museology
2010Rigsby, JamieCaring for Collections with a Small Budget, Little Time and Limited Staffing: The Safe Handling and Storage of ObjectsLiving History/Museology
2010Hanson, Susan AthertonLiving History in the Family Album: Snapshots of German/ Austrian Agriculture at the End of World War IIResearch/Curatorial
2010Benner, Bob and JeanLiving Living History: Unexpected Roots, Branches, Leaves and TwigsLiving History/Museology
2010Glatfelter, HeidiThe Value of Social Media: Do "Friends" and "Followers" Become Visitors and Donors?Administration
2010Baker, EdwardSocial Media: A Virtual Tea PartyAdministration
2010Bagnall, KyleSocial Media at Chippewa Nature CenterAdministration
2010Glatfelter, HeidiGrow Your Roots Deep: Cultivating Partnerships in Your CommunityAdministration
2010Bent, SarahSilver and Gold, Make New Friends But Keep the Old: A Partnership ExperienceAdministration
2010Matelic, Candace TangorraRooted in the Community: Transforming Practice to Increase Organizational VigorAdministration
2010Tarbox, Sandra, Tom Kelleher, and Kandie CarleGoing Out on a Limb Administration
2010Birdsall, DerrickYou Don’t Have to be Ansel Adams Living History/Museology
2010Hill, Katie“No Irish Need Apply”: How the Immigration Interpretive Program Evolved at Old Sturbridge Village Education/Interpretation
2010Bent, SarahYou are Cordially Invited to Join Us for Afternoon TeaEducation/Interpretation
2010French, JasonDetecting Repeat VisitationEducation/Interpretation
2010Pawling, RichardHow to Use Living History to Interpret the Life of Common Workers of the American Industrial RevolutionEducation/Interpretation
2010Belluscio, LynneIt All Boils Down to Money, Or Does It? Maple Sugar and Syrup Demonstrations at Museum SitesEducation/Interpretation
2010Spencer, Ryan JoshuaThe Ethical Concerns of Time Shock in United Kingdom Living History MuseumsEducation/Interpretation
2010Chandler, AbbyBranching into the Classroom: Living History Away from the MuseumEducation/Interpretation
2009Morgan, Robert R.Keynote: Daniel Boone's Dream: The Mother World of the ForestALHFAM
2009LeCount, CharlesA Matter of Survival: IntroductionLiving History/Museology
2009Friedman, DebA Matter of Survival: Introducing Audio,Video and Un-staffed Exhibits into Living History MuseumsLiving History/Museology
2009Miner, Gwendolyn L.A Matter of Survival: Forging ahead at The Farmers' MuseumLiving History/Museology
2009Goodsell, Leo J.A Matter of Survival: Rethinking Living History at WestvilleLiving History/Museology
2009Kelleher, TomA Matter of Survival: Living Things Grow and Evolve--The Evolution and Expansion of Living HistoryLiving History/Museology
2009Lummel, PeterFrom Strangers to Friends--From Isolation to Communication: Welcome Strangers to Our MuseumsEducation/Interpretation
2009Floyd, David J.W.Friends Indeed: Creating a Successful Museum Volunteer ProgramAdministration
2009Farley, DouglasCreating a Cultural Heritage ExperienceLiving History/Museology
2009McDonald, EmmaMaking Friends of Strange Funders: Exploring Funding Relationships from Government to your Community NeighborsAdministration
2009Switzer, JeffConverting Strangers to Members and DonorsAdministration
2009Fisher, Rick"Globalizing the Local:" Becoming a Cultural EntrepreneurEducation/Interpretation
2009Glatfelter, HeidiUsing Technology to Communicate Your Message and Advance Your Cause: Turning Twenty-First Century Strangers into FriendsAdministration
2009Bell-Kite, DianaThinking Outside the Gallery: An Adventure in Offsite ExhibitionLiving History/Museology
2009Tankard, Danae"In so strange a place:" Representing the Medieval Past at U.K. Heritage SitesLiving History/Museology
2009Kelleher, TomInterpreting the Transportation Revolution One Step at a Time: A Stagecoach for Old Sturbridge VillageLiving History/Museology
2009McCormack, LaurenInterpreting the Transportation Revolution One Step at a Time: The Bullard Bar Room ExhibitLiving History/Museology
2009Woods, TomA Nineteenth-Century Effort to Make Friends and Money in HawaiResearch/Curatorial
2009Seelhorst, MaryMaking Friends and Spending Money in Hawai'i: Furnishing the Greenwell General Store with ReproducitonsLiving History/Museology
2009Whittam, JulianTaking the Show on the Road: Presenting a Traveling Musical Show in an 1866 Living History SiteEducation/Interpretation
2009Watts, Steven M. and Wayne E. WilliamsMaking Lifelong Friends of Children: Historical Day CampsEducation/Interpretation
2009Costa, Kimberly A.Making Friends and Influencing People: Dealign with the Disconnected VisitorEducation/Interpretation
2009Fellows, CarrieReenactors in the House: From Scary Strangers to Welcome Friends/Getting in the DoorEducation/Interpretation
2009LeCount, CharlesReenactors in the House: From Scary Strangers to Welcome Friends/Reenactors and Immersive VisitorsEducation/Interpretation
2009Turdo, Mark A.Reenactors in the House: Planning the Big Eventeducation/Interpretation
2009Texel, MarkReenactors in the House: Harnessing Reenactors' Talents to Achieve Your MissionEducation/Interpretation
2009Carle, KandieGet Them on Your Side: Promoting Your Historic ProgrammingEducation/Interpretation
2009Powell, BobFrom Being "A (pesky) LIttle Ol' Boy" to One of the "Old Boys"Agriculture/Livestock
2009Randolph, WayneHistoric Replica Plows in America: A WorkshopAgriculture/Livestock
2009Corson, Barbara, and Ed Schultz, Pete Watson, and Jeremy MillsThe First ALHFAM Farmers' SchoolAgriculture/Livestock
2009Watson, Pete, Joyce Henry and Rob FloryWrecks and Runaways: How to Prevent Them, Survive Them, Learn from Them...and Get Back to WorkAgriculture/Livestock
2009Katz-Hyman, Martha, and Mick WoodcockGetting it Right: Reproductions in the Museum SettingResearch/Curatorial
2009LeCount, SarahCollections Tiering and Deaccessioning: IntroductionResearch/Curatorial
2009Arnez, DebCollections Tiering and Deaccessioning: DeaccessioningResearch/Curatorial
2009LeCount, SarahCollections Tiering and Deaccessioning at Genesee Country Village and MuseumResearch/Curatorial
2009Farrell, MaryPottery Traditions of the Seagrove AreaResearch/Curatorial
2009Peterson, DeborahSugar: From the Harvested Cane to the TableResearch/Curatorial
2009Kepley, Cindy and Susan BallBread Baking at the Single Brothers Workshop, Old Salem Museums and GardensEducation/Interpretation
2009Vernon, David C.Choosing, Growing and Grafting Apple Trees: Creating a Personal OrchardAgriculture/Livestock
2009Birdsall, DerrickHow to Hire the Best Person for your Living History SiteAdministration
2009Boardman, KatieSigns along the WayLiving History/Museology
2008Marson, BrianKeynote: Building Organizational Success Through The Service Value ChainALHFAM
2008Lynne BelluscioPresidential Address: Rekindling the PassionALHFAM
2008Reid, Debra A.Living History -- A Global HistoryLiving History/Museology
2008Leach, Maureen O'ConnorStaying Loyal to your Mission: Blessing or Curse?Living History/Museology
2008Matelic, Candace TangorraAre Effective Teams Loyal? What Research Can Tell Us About Effective TeamsAdministration
2008Matelic, Candace TangorraDoes Effective Organizational Leadership Require Loyal Followers?Administration
2008Mattson, JimPerformance ManagementAdministration
2008Trepanier, GabrielleHow the Farm Got a Camel: When Bad Things Happen to Good PeopleAdministration
2008Scott, Deborah, and Cindy ColfordWork Horses or Work Courses: Training Heritage Professionals Through Applied Projects in the FieldAdministration
2008Woodcock, MickEmergency Planning 101: Protecting Collections from Water DamageResearch/Curatorial
2008Bondhus, DawnSmoke, Fire and WaterResearch/Curatorial
2008Driver, Elizabeth, et al. (Culinary Historians of Ontario)Canadian Food History 101: Compare and Contrast 1867 and 1967Research/Curatorial
2008Fraser, SylviaLeathers, Bladders and Brandy: Nineteenth-Century CoversResearch/Curatorial
2008Ingraham, MercyThe Process of Transcribing a 1770 New Jersey Manuscript Receipt CookbookResearch/Curatorial
2008Corson, BarbCare of the Feet of LivestockAgriculture/Livestock
2008Shultz, EdLoyalty to the Living Historical Farm Movement: A History and a ProfileLiving History/Museology
2008Reid, Debra A.Living History Farms: A History of Loyalty to the IdeaLiving History/Museology
2008Watson, PeteHowell Living History Farm: A Work in ProgressSite Report
2008Powell, BobFarming and the Highland Folk MuseumSite Report
2008Watson, PeteLike a Wand to a Sorcerer: Plowing Matches in the Past and TodayAgriculture/Livestock
2008Kelleher, TomA Brief History of American Plowing Matchesagriculture/Livestock
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2008Dixon, MargotLoyalty in Fashion: Conform or Reform?Research/Curatorial
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2008Bradley-St-Cyr, RuthLoyalty to Each Other: The Irish PalatinesResearch/Curatorial
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2007Simmons, MarcKeynote: Tradition vs. Modernity: Salvaging a Sense of HistoryALHFAM
2007Guilliford, AndrewKeynote: Preserving Sacred Indian Landscapes and Protecting and Interpreting Tribal Cultural PropertyALHFAM
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2006Caramia, John A.Past President's Address: Living History, ALHFAM and the Future of Historic SitesALHFAM
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2006Harrison, KayChallenges of Interpreting Slavery: Summary of a Panel DiscussionEducation/Interpretation
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2005Kley, RonChenall at the Crossroads: Revising the Nomenclature for Museum CatalogingLiving History/Museology
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2005Bent, Sarah Z.Maintain your staff as well as your artifacts, or “Lots of polish, no spit”Living History/Museology
2005Bent, Sarah Z.Creating step-by-step guides for adequate care: #1, Machinery Maintenance and Operation; #2, Interpretation Maintenance and OperationLiving History/Museology
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2004Dillon, ClarissaThis Truck Doesn't Use DieselResearch/Curatorial
2004Dillon, ClarissaCows Give Milk and Manure--Let's Talk about MilkResearch/Curatorial
2004Boardman, KatieBeyond Good Intentions: So What? Who Cares? What Difference Does it Make?Administration
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2004Walton, PatBirthin' BabiesEducation/Interpretation
2004Malcom-Davies, JaneBorrowed Robes: The Educational Value of Costumed Interpretation at Historic StiesEducation/Interpretation
2004Katz-Hyman, Martha and Mick WoodcockThe Right Stuff: How to Get ItResearch/Curatorial
2004Sorvig, KimRe-Locating History: Landscape Strategies for Living History Building CollectionsResearch/Curatorial
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2004Reitz, TomIt's not War--It's PiecekeepingLiving History/Museology
2004Katz-Hyman, MarthaWhen Disaster Happens, Will Your Site be Ready?Living History/Museology
2004Kley, RonSo You Think You Own Your Collection?Research/Curatorial
2004Chartkoff, KerryMementoes of Friends Lost and a Country Saved: Preserving and Displaying Michigan's Collection of Civil War Battle FlagsLiving History/Museology
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2003Kley, RonA Revolution for Technological ChangeResearch/Curatorial
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2003Corson, BarbaraAmazons: A Look at Women and Riding Through HistoryResearch/Curatorial
2003Carle, KandieAnd Who Are You Supposed to Be?: Character Development WorkshopEducation/Interpretation
2003Corson, BarbaraAnimal Handling 101Agriculture/Livestock
2003Williams, PamAre These The Times That Try Women's Souls?: The Tasker Sisters During The American RevolutionResearch/Curatorial
2003Patterson, Ellen JacksonBenjamin and William Franklin: How the American Revolution Changed One FamilyResearch/Curatorial
2003Moreno, BarryBeside the Golden Door: Ellis Island and the Transformation of Immigrant LivesResearch/Curatorial
2003Moyer, J. MarcBroommaking EquipmentResearch/Curatorial
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2003Lienhard, John H.Keynote: The Savage Boy Inventor: Finding the Road from Farm to ModernALHFAM
2003Jennifer Hunt-BeauchampLiving History and Technology Meet at the Cumberland Heritage Village MuseumLiving History/Museology
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2003Kelleher, TomSounding Olde Timie: Reflections on and Techniques Towards More Historically Authentic Modes of SpeechEducation/Interpretation
2003Murphy, LaraThe Germantown Protest of 1688: Interpreting Quakers' Thoughts on SlaveryEducation/Interpretation
2003Ceperley, Nancy CarterThe Great Awakening: What was it? Who were the key players? Did it help set the stage for the American Revolution?Research/Curatorial
2003Ayres, EdwardThe Impact of the Revolution on Agricultural Production In Eastern VirginiaResearch/Curatorial
2003Raleigh, James T.The Revolution of Beacons and Bonfires to Cell Phone and TowersResearch/Curatorial
2003Miniaci, Lisa MichelleWomen in Military Re-Enactment: The Limits of Gender in the Living-History MuseumEducation/Interpretation
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2002Sajatovich, MarkKeyote ResponseALHFAM
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2002Zajac, TanyaSix of One, Half a Dozen of Another: First- and Third-Person Interpretation at One SiteEducation/Interpretation
2002Wetteman, BobSoldiers and Civilians: Incorporating the Peacetime U.S. Military into Interpretation at Antebellum SitesEducation/Interpretation
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2001Rice, ValerieCan Pigs Fly?: Developing and Maintaining and Effective Livestock ProgramAgriculture/Livestock
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2001Russ, DorisAutomating and Upgrading a Small MuseumAdministration
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2001Olsen, DebraCan History Museums Do Environmental Education?Education/Interpretation
2001Parker, Lois KrismeyerChairs to CaneLiving History/Museology
2001Daniel, JimCompass and Chain: Surveying During the Eighteenth CenturyResearch/Curatorial
2001Bowser, BarbaraCooking Backward, Cooking Forward: A Study of Specific Receipts Across Three Centuries, 1700-2001Research/Curatorial
2001Wall, KathleenCorn 101: More precious than silver-- Foodways and Corn in Plymouth, 1620/2001Agriculture/Livestock
2001Sargent, TerryCorn 101: Corn or MaizeAgriculture/Livestock
2001Kelleher, TomCorn 101: Milling CornAgriculture/Livestock
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2001Brown, Todd and Yvonne JohnsonGrowing a Successful 1930's Working FarmAgriculture/Livestock
2001Stueck, AdamHow to Teach an Old Source New Tricks: Using Modern Literary Theory in Interpreting Primary Sauce MaterialResearch/Curatorial
2001McDonald, EmmaIntroducing Theater to Static Displays: Small to Medium MuseumsEducation/Interpretation
2001Kley, RonLaunching of the International Space Station--From the Banks of the Shenandoah River, in 1824Research/Curatorial
2001Chappel, RandyMedicinal and Surgical Practices and Techniques of the Early Nineteenth CenturyResearch/Curatorial
2001Meltonville, J. MarcMulti-Leveling--Using Living History as a Link Between Academic and Popular History: The Stuart Kitchen Project at Hampton Court PalaceLiving History/Museology
2001Corson, BarbaraMurrain, Pox and Pestilence: A Look at Diseases in HistoryResearch/Curatorial
2001Woodcock, Michael LeeSaving Ft. Misery: The Restoration and Furnishing of Arizona's Oldest Existing Log StructureLiving History/Museology
2001Stanton, CinderSheep for the PresidentAgriculture/Livestock
2001Kelleher, TomSquantum Festivals: Playing Indian in Nineteenth-Century New EnglandResearch/Curatorial
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2001Hawes, Edward L.The Axe and the Pot Revisited (Workshop on Hidden Messages in Museums): The Axe and the Pot: A Workshop on Hidden Messages in Museums (reprint)Education/Interpretation
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2000Erbskorn, AndreaCreating You Own Volunteer ProgramAdministration
2000Kelleher, TomDentistry in the Early 19th Century New EnglandResearch/Curatorial
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2000Murphy, SandraHow to Collect an Oral History: The BasicsAdministration
2000Curtin, KathleenI Know It When I See It: Effective Orientation to First-Person Programming at Plimoth PlantationAdministration
2000Horton, James O.Keynote: Controversies and Representations at Historic Sites presenting Slavery: The Perils of Telling America's Racial StoryALHFAM
2000McCullough, DavidKeynote: History as a Source of StrengthALHFAM
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2000Dillon, ClarissaOrdering a Kitchen Garden - Another LookResearch/Curatorial
2000Freas, DanOrientation to First- Person Interpretation: A Three-Part ApproachAdministration
2000Carnegie, RonPlaying the Game: Teaching First-Person Interpreters to Help Visitors Get the Information They SeekAdministration
2000Caplanson, StaciaPutting the Pieces Together While providing for Self and Family: Rural Outwork in Sutton Mass. 1812-1818Research/Curatorial
2000Olsen, DebraReaching Out to Urban ChildrenEducation/Interpretation
2000Owens, Victoria&Hal SimonSacred to the Memory: American Customs Surrounding Death and BurialResearch/Curatorial
2000Peterson, DeborahStays: The All-Embracing GarmentResearch/Curatorial
2000Birdsall, Derrick, et alSuccessful Elderhostel StrategiesEducation/Interpretation
2000Katz-Hyman, Martha and Mick WoodcockThe Basics of Writing Furnishing PlansResearch/Curatorial
2000Noel, LynnThe Life and Travels of Lisette Duval (Laval) Harmon, 1791-1862Research/Curatorial
2000Coleman, AnnThe Story of Fortress LouisbourgSite Reports
2000Norris, SusanThe Transformation of Interpretation at Fort Calgary Historic ParkEducation/Interpretation
2000Brady, PeteTraditional Ballads Sung in the 18th Century AmericaResearch/Curatorial
2000Clark, HenryUsing Magic Lantern Shows To Make Your Site Seem As Though It Has More Staff Than It Actually DoesEducation/Interpretation
1999Walrath, GaryHistory on the Cutting Room FloorEducation/Interpretation
1999Moore-Colyer, R.J.Aspects of the Trade in British Pedigree Draught Horses with the U.S and Canada ca. 1850-1920Research/Curatorial
1999Radcliffe, JaneChild Labor Illustrated: Lewis Hine's Photographs as Documentation, as Propaganda, and as Under-Utilized ResourceResearch/Curatorial
1999Evans, Michelle&Douglas HeiwigDevelopment of the Underground Railroad Program at Conner PrairieAdministration
1999Woodcock, Michael LeeFurnishing the First Arizona Governor's MansionResearch/Curatorial
1999Kley, RonHigh Tech Meets Old Guard: The Testing of Hall Breechloaders in Missouri- 1819Research/Curatorial
1999Baker, EdInterpretation Staffing SolutionsAdministration
1999Welsch, RogerKeynote: One Damn Thing After AnotherALHFAM
1999Baker, JamesLe Petit Anglais: Henry Marie Brakenburg and the Vital Bauvais Family of Ste.Genevieve, Upper LouisianaResearch/Curatorial
1999Kelleher, TomLooking East and Then Some: A Month in RomaniaLiving History/Museology
1999McCawley Renn, ErinMore Germaina: An East Friesian Girl in her Peasant Garb, ca. 1910Research/Curatorial
1999Peters, Scott D.More than just Horseshoes and Nails: the Lives and Work of Blacksmiths in Nineteenth cent. Monmouth County, New JerseyResearch/Curatorial
1999Beckett, Elizabeth GilliamMt. Gilead School ProgramAdministration
1999McCawley Renn, ErinNineteenth Century German Peasant marriage Contracts: Examples from Europe and the MidwestResearch/Curatorial
1999Birdsall, DerrickOur Overlooked Visitors: Think About ItAdministration
1999Ford, Ashley L.Packets and Pitmans: An Informal Account of Steamboating on the Western Rivers in the 19th Cent., with a steamboating timeline appendixResearch/Curatorial
1999Cooper, AngelaPlanning for Special EventsAdministration
1999Malmberg, PetePoultry Conservation: Answers to Frequently Asked QuestionsResearch/Curatorial
1999Sligar, AnnPreface: Across the Wide Missouri: Crossroads and CulturesALHFAM
1999Murphy, SandraQuirks and Queries: Making the Most of Oral HistoryAdministration
1999Sharpe, MargueriteRelish the Thought and Pickles, TooResearch/Curatorial
1999Jacobs, SusanReturning Home for Christmas at ClaybrookAdministration
1999Crawford, Henry B.Revisiting History from the Inside Out: The Personal Side of African-American Living History ReenactingEducation/Interpretation
1999Schelbitzki Pickle, LindaRural German-Speakers in the Nineteenth Century Midwest: Primary Doc. On the Retention of Gender RelationsResearch/Curatorial
1999Hinkley, David M.The Construction of Fort Osage on the Missouri River, 1808-1827Research/Curatorial
1999Dickey, MichaelThe Economic Impact of the Santa Fe Trail in MissouriResearch/Curatorial
1999Hinkley, David M.The People of Fort Osage, 1808-1827Research/Curatorial
1999Chapman, George D.The Practice of Safety by InterpretersAdministration
1999Jordan, Louann C.The Santa Fe Trail Was a Two-Way StreetResearch/Curatorial
1999Crawford, AlisaUnderstanding Visitors and Building Connections: Learning Theories for Living History MuseumsEducation/Interpretation
1999Peters, Scott D.We Can't all Have a Peter Ross at Our Site-or- Anyone Can Be a BlacksmithAdministration
1998Dillion, Clarissa F.…Under the Shadow of my Wing…Research/Curatorial
1998Rees,JohnThe Foundation of the Army is the Belly: North American Soldiers' Food, 1756-1945Research/Curatorial
1998Newton-Matza, MitchellA Certain Day for a Certain Thing: The Illinois Farm Woman of the 1890s and Her Kitchen DutiesResearch/Curatorial
1998LeCount, SarahA Daily Concern: Clothing Production in the HomeResearch/Curatorial
1998Lysakowski, LindaA Day in the Life of a Development OfficeAdministration
1998Mullian, KarenA Day in the Life: The Day Book of Enos Thomas 1794-1945Research/Curatorial
1998Kley, Ron and Jane RadcliffeA Day in the Life… of the Roosevelts at CampobelloEducation/Interpretation
1998Blackstock, CarolynAdventures in Mockland: Substitution in Everyday FoodResearch/Curatorial
1998Bowser, BarbaraCadence of the Seasons: The Seasonality of Agriculture in the 18th and Early 19th CenturiesResearch/Curatorial
1998Evans, Michelle, et alCondiments of the Early Nineteenth CenturyResearch/Curatorial
1998Radcliff, DavidConstructing an Understanding of the PastResearch/Curatorial
1998Hall, CarolConsumption: Everyday ScourgeResearch/Curatorial
1998Landis, Leo, David Miles,and Joseph AndersonDaily Lessons and Lasting MemoriesAdministration
1998LeCount, CharlesDisrupting Daily Life: Coping with Illness in Antebellum AmericaResearch/Curatorial
1998Booth, HelenDo or Die: A Rationale for Schoolhouse RestorationAdministration
1998Shaw ,Thomas G.Dressed for the Long HaulResearch/Curatorial
1998Dixon, MargotEveryday Problems in Fashion and Costuming: The Ballgown as a Prop in the Dressmaker's HouseLiving History/Museology
1998Hanson, Susan A.Friendly Mirrors: Norman Rockwell's America as a Source for the Interpretation of Everyday LifeResearch/Curatorial
1998M. Wilhelm, Kelly- AnneHistory Contained: Exploring Daily Life Through the Boxes in the Gibson House CollectionResearch/Curatorial
1998Needles, DanKeynote: A Sense of PlaceALHFAM
1998Markewitz, DarrellLessons from the Viking Age: Development of an Interpretive Program for L'anse aux Meadows National Historic SiteAdministration
1998Castle, ChristineLiving History from the Inside Out: Interpreters, Guides, and Docents Reflect on Their Own Teaching and Learning in MuseumsEducation/Interpretation
1998Hollands, MaraLiving History Museum Gardens: Isolation or Integration?Living History/Museology
1998Lack, JohnLiving Legends in Living Museums: The Lasting Legacy of Agricultural InventorsAgriculture/Livestock
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1998Boardman, KatiePast President's Address: Anthems for Everyday MillenniaALHFAM
1998Miller, Marla R.Profit from the Needle: Everyday Tailoring in Rural MassachusettsResearch/Curatorial
1998Gallinger, DianeProgramming for Historic SchoolhousesAdministration
1998Reid, Debra A.Reaping the Benefits of Computer as a Research ToolsAdministration
1998Kelleher, ThomasReforming Society: Teaching a Dynamic PastAdministration
1998Pittinger, GarretRelevance of Heritage Plants in Modern Times: The Role of Historic Sites and Living History Farms in Conserving Heritage VarietiesAgriculture/Livestock
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1998Rempe, SharonThe Golden Thread Concept: The Zucca Melon at the Grist Mill at KeremeosAgriculture/Livestock
1998Fenton, KarenThe Myth of the Barefoot Spinner: Improving Your Textile ProgramAdministration
1998Derry, MargaretThe Role of a Purebred Breeder/ Ordinary Farmer Conflict in the Rate of Herd Improvement: A Study of Cattle Farming in Ontario, 1870-1920Agriculture/Livestock
1998Grim, ValeireUnderstanding the Culture of African American Children on Farms in the American Rural South, 1900-1970Research/Curatorial
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1997Taylor, Howard W.Back to the Farm: Settling Crawford County, MichiganResearch/Curatorial
1997Kelly, James C.Bound Away: Mobility, Memory and MuseumsALHFAM
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1997Webster, Nancy V.Gather up the Fragments Some Examples of Virginia Slave Clothing TextilesResearch/Curatorial
1997Mullian, KarenHad on and Took With Her: The clothing of Indentured ServantsResearch/Curatorial
1997Holland, Erik and James DorseyMythconceptions and Brief and True Relations: Interpretive Challenges and Model Solutions at Jamestown SettlementEducation/Interpretation
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1997Sanders, Thomas L.A Comparison of the Manufacturing Processes and Functionality of the American Axe and its AntecedentsResearch/Curatorial
1997Gerhardt, Alvin EAlice Hemenway: A RetrospectiveALHFAM
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1997Reid, DebraAn Interpretation Explosion: Museums and Collections on the World Wide WebEducation/Interpretation
1997Sargent, Terry L.Butchering: Stuffin', Smokin' and SensitivityResearch/Curatorial
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1997Tarasoff, Tamara and Richeson, Dr. DavidConflagration: A First-Hand Account of Disaster Management and RecoveryAdministration
1997LeCount, Charles A.Cotton Gin and Press Technology (1770-1870)Research/Curatorial
1997Keller, Kenneth W.Cyrus McCormick: The Inventor as Creator of ControversyResearch/Curatorial
1997Sponenberg, D. Philip, Carolyn J. ChristmanDeveloping a Conservation Program for Endangered Breeds of LivestockLiving History/Museology
1997Brink, BobDeveloping Dynamic School Programs at the Pomeroy Living History FarmEducation/Interpretation
1997LeCount, Sarah WilsonDressing for Travel in the 18th and 19th CenturiesResearch/Curatorial
1997Ragsdale, John G.Dutch Ovens: Mobile Cooking VesselsResearch/Curatorial
1997Bodeman, DorseyEverything Teachers Want to Know About Primary Sources but are Afraid to AskResearch/Curatorial
1997Handy, DougEvolution of a Museum Web SiteAdministration
1997DeGraaf, LeonardFrom Laboratory to Museum: The Curatorial Transformation of Thomas Edison's Invention FactoryResearch/Curatorial
1997Seelhorst, MaryIcons of Invention: Henry Ford and the Technological Hero MythResearch/Curatorial
1997Morelock, Ginger NicoleInternship at the Museum of American Frontier Culture: A Summary of ExperiencesAdministration
1997Gerhardt, E. Alvin, Jr.Internships on Living History FarmsAdministration
1997Kennelly, Mary Estelle, Clay Lewis, Michael MooreLet's Get on the Road Together: New Routes to FundingAdministration
1997Bowser, BarbaraLodging, Food, Gas: Eating along the Colonial RoadwaysResearch/Curatorial
1997Wenzel, Dorothy and Leona MeisingerMobility & Memory in Museums . . . The Successful Beginnings of the Lord Baltimore's Plantation in MarylandEducation/Interpretation
1997Brady, PeteModern Irish Linen Manufacturing in IrelandResearch/Curatorial
1997Lewis, Berenice I. DollyMore Faces of Public Programming: Developing Year-Around Weekly ProgramsEducation/Interpretation
1997Oliver, Sandra L.Nineteenth-Century Yankees Meet Ethnic FoodsResearch/Curatorial
1997Kley, RonOn The Road to The American System of Manufacture: The Travels, Travails, Machines and Machinations of John H. HallResearch/Curatorial
1997Reid, Debra A.Research and Living History: Facing the ChallengesResearch/Curatorial
1997Boardman, KathrynRevisiting Living History: A Business, An Art, A Pleasure, An EducationLiving History/Museology
1997Renn, Erin McCawleyRural German Immigrant Clothing from the Early Nineteenth CenturyResearch/Curatorial
1997Fairey, Wade B.Seizing The Opportunity: Ginning Cotton to a Quick Fortune in York Co., SCResearch/Curatorial
1997Blackbourn, CathySettlers' Effects: Rethinking the Trail of the Black Walnut (Interpreting Migration at the Joseph Schneider Haus)Education/Interpretation
1997Strum, RichStagecoaches & Steamboats: Exploring Transportation History at Shelburne MuseumResearch/Curatorial
1997Kelleher, TomThe Blackstone Canal: Artery to the Heart of the CommonwealthResearch/Curatorial
1997Miller, Ann L.The Central Virginia Piedmont: Crossroads of the Eighteenth CenturyResearch/Curatorial
1997Roth, Stacy F.The Freelance Interpreter: Issues, Audiences, Marketing and More: A Session SummaryEducation/Interpretation
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1997Ayers, Edward L.The Story We Want and the Story We Need: Thinking About the Civil WarALHFAM
1997Quigg, Gary F.The Travelers: Trials and TribulationsResearch/Curatorial
1997Meisinger, LeonaUsing Primary Sources to Enhance Living History ProgramsLiving History/Museology
1997Paige, EricVisiting Museums Online: The Virtual MuseumLiving History/Museology
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1996Bowser, BarbaraFlies in the Market House: The Fresh Meat Market in Salem, North CarolinaResearch/Curatorial
1996Jones, J. JacobA Connecticut Yankee in the Empire of Liberty: Henry L. Ellsworth, Agricultural Improvement and Land Speculation on the Midwestern Prairie FrontierResearch/Curatorial
1996Kley, Ron, Candace T. Matelic and Donna R. BradenA Quarter Century and Counting: A Conversation about ALHFAM by Former PresidentsALHFAM
1996Radcliff, DavidBalancing Education and Entertainment on the Scales of Provocation: Freedmen Re-enactors at the 1995 Texican Market DaysEducation/Interpretation
1996Hart, Robert L.Beginning a New Museum in New Mexico: The Curator's View (NM Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum)Administration
1996Clark, Nancy V. and Donna ScottChanging Words into Dollars (Fundraising tips)Administration
1996Pollard, Kenneth and Vicki HagenCommunity Outreach Project--Public Lands DivisionEducation/Interpretation
1996Kley, Ron and Jane RadcliffeData BasicsAdministration
1996Hutcheson, Barry, et. al.Developing Coordinated Interpretation through the Master Planning Process: Washington-on-the-Brazos State Hist. ParkAdministration
1996Schumacher, Kristin JanelElectronic Surveys: Sending Surveys through the InternetAdministration
1996Taylor, LonnFrontiers Real and MythicalALHFAM
1996McComb, DavidFrontiers: Transportation and TechnologyALHFAM
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1996Benz, Robert G.Out On History's Highway, ALHFAM's Road Trip into the Next CenturyALHFAM
1996Way, J. EdsonPresenting Cultural Admixture in a New Museum in New Mexico: The Director's View (NM Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum)Administration
1996Harris-Johnson, AimeeProstitution in Galveston, 1865-1918Research/Curatorial
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1996Johnson, KittyScience on the Range: Teaching History and Science with Natural Dyeing and SpinningEducation/Interpretation
1996Crawford, Henry B.The El Capote Cabin: Research Methodology for a History and Furnishing PlanResearch/Curatorial
1996Kelleher, TomThe Evolution of Sawmilling Technology in Nineteenth-Century AmericaResearch/Curatorial
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1996Lee-Khan, Helen V.The Hip Bone is Connected to the Thigh Bone--Development and Interpretation of Uncomfortable HistoryEducation/Interpretation
1996Williams, EveThe Hip Bone is Connected to the Thigh Bone--Interconnections of People's HistoryEducation/Interpretation
1996Brooks, Bradley C.The Historic House Furnishing Plan: Process and ProductResearch/Curatorial
1996Campbell, Ellen FinleyThe View from Marketing and Public Information (NM Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum)Administration
1996Radcliffe, Jane and Ron KleyVisitor Evaluation: Some Comments From the TrenchesAdministration
1996Altman, SaundraWhat Fabrics Were Men's Clothing Made Of and Why Can't We Find More Cotton Summer Clothing?Research/Curatorial
1996Reese, AnnetteWhere the Boys Are: Prostitution from Mining Camps to the Civil War EncampmentsResearch/Curatorial
1996Crawford, AlisaWhere's the Beef in Hawaii: Missionary Diets of the 1820sResearch/Curatorial
1996Baker, T. LindsayWindmills for Living History ApplicationsLiving History/Museology
1996Thomforde, CharlesWomen Farmers and Gardeners in Seventeenth-Century PennsylvaniaResearch/Curatorial
1995Miller, Stephen S.And the Cow Jumped Over the Atlantic -- Pennsylvania German and Holland Dutch Cattle in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth CenturiesAgriculture/Livestock
1995Dillon, Clarissa F.to make the face faire and smoothResearch/Curatorial
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1995Paige, EricA Short Guide to Net-SpeakAdministration
1995Miner, Gwendolyn L.A Short History of the Procurement, Preservation and Use of Berries in Food and BeverageResearch/Curatorial
1995Gilgun, BethAccessories for Women and Men, from the Mid-18th Century to the Early 19th CenturyResearch/Curatorial
1995Ledwith, PeterAttitudes Toward MachineryResearch/Curatorial
1995Vince, AnneBerry Interesting: Domestic Berry Wine ProductionResearch/Curatorial
1995Follin, Mike and Debra A. ReidChallenges in Creating Living History -- 1995 ALHFAM MixerALHFAM
1995Radcliffe, Jane and Ron KleyDatabases for Collection ManagementAdministration
1995Brady, PeteEstablishing the Murray Farmhouse Round TableEducation/Interpretation
1995Johnson, Elizabeth and Stephen S. MillerGetting Their Hands Into HistoryEducation/Interpretation
1995Vaughan, Robert L.Hands-On BlacksmithingEducation/Interpretation
1995Cain-McKee, Susan L.Hard Cider to Soft DrinksResearch/Curatorial
1995Rempel, SharonHistoric Wheats -- A Brief IntroductionAgriculture/Livestock
1995Boardman, KathrynImmersion and the Seventh Grade: Collaborative School ProgramsEducation/Interpretation
1995Pershey, EdwardInterpreting Steam Engine History at Historic Villages and FarmsEducation/Interpretation
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1995Loveday, AmosKeynote: PC versus PC: The Future of the Museum WorldALHFAM
1995Whitney, Philip C.Lubricating Historic Machinery with Modern LubricantsResearch/Curatorial
1995Cain-McKee, Susan L.Making Berry Products: Preserves, Syrups, Shrubs, Vinegars and WineResearch/Curatorial
1995Baker, EdwardNature's Finest OilsResearch/Curatorial
1995Reid, DebraOpen-Air Museums, Internet, and the World Wide Web: Cultivating the Opportunities Afforded by CyberspaceAdministration
1995Simpson, Karen L.Quilting the BluesEducation/Interpretation
1995Braden, DonnaReproducing Paper Items for the J.R. Jones General Store in Greenfield VillageResearch/Curatorial
1995Stone, RobertThe Evolution of Eyewear, 1750-1920Research/Curatorial
1995Ledwith, PeterThe Squeaky Wheel -- The Development of Petroleum-based LubricantsResearch/Curatorial
1995Grim, ValerieUsing Museum and Archival Artifacts to Teach Rural HistoryEducation/Interpretation
1995Hazlewood, Ginger and Frank HardisterWhen Hands-On Means Hands-OffEducation/Interpretation
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1994Zopes, Peter C.Fattening Stock of Every Description. . . . A Brief History of Livestock FeedingAgriculture/Livestock
1994Belluscio, LynneVerily, All the Airth Needs DrainingResearch/Curatorial
1994Overland, ChristianA Case Study of Documenting Twentieth Century Culture: Systems for Living -- The Dymaxion Dwelling MachineResearch/Curatorial
1994Sigaut, FrancoisAgricultural Museums in France: Settings, Series, and ProcessesLiving History/Museology
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1994Goldstein, Karin J.Developing a Collections Management Policy: Special Considerations for Living History MuseumsResearch/Curatorial
1994Hemenway, AliceDiscussion of Psycho-Social Aspects of Role PlayingEducation/Interpretation
1994Forsht, Nicol and Paul G. SchneiderEmergency Planning and PreparednessAdministration
1994McCabe, JamesFinding the Experts and Exploring PossibilitiesResearch/Curatorial
1994Boardman, KathrynForty-Seven Years Later and Lots of Prize Cows, Sheep, Swine, and Goats: The Farmers' Museum Junior Livestock ShowAgriculture/Livestock
1994Sargent, Terry L.From Udder to PailResearch/Curatorial
1994Hawes, Edward L.Icons, Museum Eyes, and Other Realities: Rural Life as Represented in National Museums in Germany, England, and DenmarkLiving History/Museology
1994Simpson, Karen L.If Ever a Wizard There Was: George Washington Carver and the Tuskegee Experiment StationResearch/Curatorial
1994Grim, ValerieInterpreting the Moral Foundation of Southern Black Rural Community: . . . the Preacher, Teacher, Producer and Organizer in Developing Brooks FarmResearch/Curatorial
1994Zeuner, ChristopherKeynote: European Open-Air Museums: Social and Economic ChangesALHFAM
1994Donath, David A.Living History--Historic Places: Estranged BedfellowsLiving History/Museology
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1994Baker, AndrewManagement Policies for Living CollectionsAgriculture/Livestock
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1994Haas, Ruth A. et alMuseum Learning: Introduction to MethodologyEducation/Interpretation
1994National Park ServiceNAGPRA: The Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act [Appendix]Research/Curatorial
1994Bennett, SusanOntario's Holland MarshResearch/Curatorial
1994Ledwith, PeterPast President's Address: We Are What We AreALHFAM
1994Reid, DebraPreserving the Twentieth Century in Open-Air Museums: Some Opportunities and ChallengesLiving History/Museology
1994Fortier, JohnPsycho-Social Aspects of Role PlayingEducation/Interpretation
1994Baker, EdwardRiding the Waterways: What Can a Farmer Learn at a Maritime History Museum?Agriculture/Livestock
1994Wagner, Mary BraySt. Jones Neck: A Delaware Community -- the River and Its PeopleResearch/Curatorial
1994Busch, Jane C.Still Taking the Waters at Sharon SpringsResearch/Curatorial
1994Horne, FieldThe Back to the Land Movement in New York State: A Preliminary InvestigationResearch/Curatorial
1994Paige, EricThe 1890 Ice House at Billings FarmResearch/Curatorial
1994Heighway, DavidThe Don Quixote SyndromeEducation/Interpretation
1994Whitney, Philip C.The Freezing of the Waters: The Many and Varied Uses and Effects of Frozen WaterResearch/Curatorial
1994Brisson, Steven C.The McCormick Collection: State Historical Society of WisconsinResearch/Curatorial
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1994Henbest, BruceWater and the Competitive Edge: Waterfront Development at Upper Canada Village and the Influence of the St. Lawrence . . . in 19th C. Upper CanadaResearch/Curatorial
1994Brown, TomWater Under the Bridge, AgainResearch/Curatorial
1994Haas, Ruth A. & Erik L. HollandWater, Canoe, Trade: Developing an InterpretationEducation/Interpretation
1994Spaulding, SimonWaters as Highways: The Role of Water Transport in Interpreting North American Agricultural & Industrial HistoryResearch/Curatorial
1993Jordan, LouannCmon, It's My Turn!: The Hands-On ExperienceEducation/Interpretation
1993Collins, MitzieA Field Guide to Audio Recording ProjectsLiving History/Museology
1993Roth, Stacey F.Breathing Life into John Barleycorn: Experiments with Seventeenth-Century Beer Brewing at Pennsbury ManorAgriculture/Livestock
1993Baker, Andy and Darwin KelseyChanging Directions in Agricultural EducationAgriculture/Livestock
1993Texel, MarkChuck Wagon Cooking in the Late Nineteenth CenturyResearch/Curatorial
1993Galt, Margot FortunatoCreative Writing as a Way to Interpret a Historic SiteEducation/Interpretation
1993Willis, ShirleyDining Habits of the Union Army in an Occupied Southern TownResearch/Curatorial
1993Nicovich, KristenExtending Classroom Boundaries: Experiential Learning at Historic SitesEducation/Interpretation
1993Sanders, TomFeast to Famine: Feeding the Garrison at Fort SnellingResearch/Curatorial
1993Ernst, KathleenFrom Little House to Historic House: Fiction and Museum EducatorsEducation/Interpretation
1993Braden, Donna R. and Mary Lynn HeiningerGeneral Stores: The Process and the ProductResearch/Curatorial
1993Adams, Steve J.Go West Young Man: The Power of the Press on the PrairieResearch/Curatorial
1993Thomforde, CharlieGrowing Hops and Barley at Pennsbury ManorAgriculture/Livestock
1993Kelleher, TomHistorically Correct Trade Craft Presentations: Are They Possible? A Question to Provoke More QuestionsEducation/Interpretation
1993Baker, EdwardHistorically Correct Trade Crafts Presentations: Are They Possible?Education/Interpretation
1993Kreek, EstherHistory from the Boombox: Audio Recordings as Museum PublicationsLiving History/Museology
1993Anderson, Jay A.Keynote ResponseALHFAM
1993Humphreys, HelenKeynote: What Wants To Be Spoken, What Remains To Be SaidALHFAM
1993Anderson, Jay A.Keynote: Sweet Liberty: The Promise of History (1986 Keynote, published 1993)ALHFAM
1993Wood, SallyKids in the Kitchen: Using Children's Literature in Foodways ResearchResearch/Curatorial
1993Altman, SaundraMuddled Messages in Nineteenth-Century Clothing and Printed, Illustrated and Imaged DocumentationResearch/Curatorial
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1993Woods, Thomas A.Past President's AddressALHFAM
1993Budack, JanetSexual Harassment at Historic SitesAdministration
1993Dillon, Clarissa F.The Life of John Barleycorn: An Introduction to Growing Hops and Brewing BeerAgriculture/Livestock
1993Grim, ValerieUnderstanding the Black Rural Experience Through Film: A Critique of Some Portrayals of Black Rural LifeResearch/Curatorial
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1992McDaniels, GeorgeCarpe Diem: A Legacy for William DiggsResearch/Curatorial
1992Harcourt, Allison A.Look Ethel, They're Milking a Bull: Dealing with the Myths and Misperceptions of LivestockAgriculture/Livestock
1992Rogers, BarclayA Guide to Preserving MachineryResearch/Curatorial
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1992Szypulski, MargaretChances Taken, Opportunities MissedResearch/Curatorial
1992Roth, Stacy F.Communication Skills Useful for First Person InterpretersEducation/Interpretation
1992Woodcock, Michael L.Cooking Over the Open Fire: A Short History of Its Use in the American SouthwestResearch/Curatorial
1992Nosek, ElizabethCookstoves: More Than a Good Place to Dry MittensResearch/Curatorial
1992Reid, DebraCraft Interpreters and Training for Process Interpretation: The Never-Ending ApprenticeshipEducation/Interpretation
1992Baker, EdwardDevastating Fire at Plimoth Plantation Provides New BirthAgriculture/Livestock
1992Randolph, WayneDid Eighteenth-Century Chesapeake Planters Use Lunar Scheduling?Agriculture/Livestock
1992Haas, Ruth A.Do Children Learn Our History?Education/Interpretation
1992Oliver, Sandra L.Early Chemical LeaveningsResearch/Curatorial
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1992Dierking, Lynn D.First Person Interpretation: Perspectives on Interpreter-Visitor CommunicationEducation/Interpretation
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1992Becker, KarenHappy Are They Who Can Make Good Light and Sweet BreadResearch/Curatorial
1992Calhoun, Creighton LeeHistory of Southern Apple Culture and VarietiesAgriculture/Livestock
1992Brady, PeteInterpreting a Colonial Farmer's Music for a Modern AudienceEducation/Interpretation
1992Cohen, Marcie A.It's Not So Black and White: An Exploration of Diversity in MississippiResearch/Curatorial
1992McCaig, DonaldKeynote: The Land StewardsALHFAM
1992Bixby, DonaldManaging Livestock at Historic SitesAgriculture/Livestock
1992Moss, KayMedical Matters Interpreted: The Home Practice of PhysickEducation/Interpretation
1992Webster, Nancy V.More than Mint Tea: Interpreting Period Medical Receipts and PracticesEducation/Interpretation
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1992Kelleher, TomNuts and Bolts of History: Changes in the Presentation of Historic Milling at Old Sturbridge VillageEducation/Interpretation
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1990Baker, JamesKeynote Response: Looking Back -- Looking Around -- Looking AheadALHFAM
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1990Lowenthal, DavidKeynote: The Dying Future -- The Living Past?ALHFAM
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1986Merrell, EdProgram Evaluation Through Staff and VisitorsEducation/Interpretation
1986Jensen, JudyReplaying the Past: The Museum as a Play SettingEducation/Interpretation
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1984-85Reiss, JimKeeping Staff Alive and Well, Part II: Performance AppraisalsAdministration
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1984-85Kley, RonPast President's Address (1984)ALHFAM
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1984-85Fowler, CaryPreserving Historic Crop VarietiesAgriculture/Livestock
1984-85Steckel, RichardRaising Funds for MuseumsAdministration
1984-85Reid, Bill and Ron KleyReplicas, Facsimiles, Analogs, Fakes . . . And Other Stand-Ins for Authentic Historical ArtifactsResearch/Curatorial
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1982Cole, Doug1982 Annual Conference ReportALHFAM
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1982Schneider, MarcPaint ResearchResearch/Curatorial
1982Paloheimo, GeorgePlanning for DisasterAdministration
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1982Brown, TomPast President's Address: Different Critters in the Same YokeALHFAM
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1978-79-80Becker, RobertA Search for 18th and 19th Century Vegetable VarietiesAgriculture/Livestock
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1978-79-80Bennett, DalePast President's Address: 1979ALHFAM
1978-79-80Lewis, StevePast President's Address: 1980ALHFAM
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1978-79-80Hawes, Edward L.Resource Committee ReportALHFAM
1978-79-80Resources for the Resource CentersLiving History/Museology
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1974Anderson, Jay A.The Colonial Pennsylvania PlantationSite Reports
1974Russon, RobbThe Jensen Historical FarmSite Reports
1974Bennett, DaleThe Powell FarmSite Reports

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