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The Mid-Atlantic Region will hold its Regional Conference on October 27-28, 2023 at the John Harris-Cameron Mansion in Harrisburg, PA. Our theme will be Farmers, Tinkerers, and Tailors: The Hidden Lives of Statesmen Throughout History.

Through its 200+ year history, Harrisburg, PA has welcomed 40 presidents through its city gates. While we primarily know them for their brief stints in office, our statesmen were ordinary citizens with fascinating occupations.

Therefore, we welcome both lecture and workshop proposals pertaining to agriculture, trades, textiles, food, and machinery. We also welcome proposals concerning first-person interpreters, whether portraying a president and his lady, to local legends such as John Harris. We would like to explore the more "hidden" areas of our sites: the archives, the offices, the libraries, etc.

Those who submitted proposals from the canceled conferences from 2020-2022 are welcome to re-submit them for 2023. The deadline is August 30th. For a proposal form, please contact Dave Biser (pastor1776@comcast.net) or Jessica Michonski (jmichonski13@yahoo.com). 


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