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Job Posting Guidelines

Full-time, Part-time, Contractual Services/RFPs, and Internship positions may be posted directly by Institutional and Business Members. Positions Sought postings maybe placed by any Individual Member. To post your position you must be logged-in as a member on the website.

ALHFAM requests that any jobs or paid internships posted to the Job Forums include the level of compensation (annual salary or hourly wage range). Unpaid internships should include that fact in the posting.

When you are on the Jobs page, select the appropriate Jobs Forum from the listing below the introduction.  On that forum page you will see a listing of the jobs now available and link button that says Create Topic.  Each time you wish to post a job you will create a new topic, and be presented with a form to fill-out. You must enter a subject line and body text. The subject should be in this format: Job Title - Job Site or Institution -  Job Location in the form: City, State postal abbreviation. For example: Curator - Old Farm Museum - Anywhere, NY. This will be the only thing that is initially visible to those who visit the Jobs page, and they will select that subject link to view the complete job listing.

The body text area is where you will enter the full job description, by copying existing text and pasting it in the body box, or by typing it in directly. Please enter the job information from the subject line again in the body text as the first three lines, in bold. This text area has full editing capabilities, so you can format the text with bold type,  italics, bullets, links to your employment websites, etc.. If you require any assistance in creating or formatting your posting please contact the webmaster.

When you have completed the entry of your position text, scroll down to the Create button and post the job, or Cancel to end you session without posting. Do not check the "Stick topic to top of forum" box. The most recent posting should always be at the top of the list, so checking this box will disrupt that from working correctly. Postings that do not include a closing date will be maintained on this list for 60 days.

If you wish, you can still send your job information to the webmaster and it will be posted for you. Please email the webmaster to place a job for you (send a Word file or include text for the job listing in your email). We update postings on at least a weekly basis, and generally jobs will be posted on the day they are received. Be sure to identify what job category, full-time, part-time etc.,  you wish to have posted in.  Postings that do not include a closing date will be maintained on this list for 60 days.

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