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The ALHFAM Replica Resource Committee was established to encourage and facilitate the use of quality reproduction items as “stand-ins” for authentic period artifacts in living history interpretive programs and in any other situations where original artifacts might be subjected to wear or to other damage that would shorten their lives.

The Committee’s primary efforts have been devoted, since the early 1980s to establishing and maintaining a list of producers and suppliers who offer replica items which may be suitable for use in living history interpretive programs.

This current version of the ALHFAM Replica Resource List has evolved through an ongoing process of verification and updating of information from previously published editions and includes many new listings gathered from a wide range of sources, including craft associations and the ALHFAM membership at large.

The Replica Resource Committee welcomes suggestions for improving the content or format of this listing, as well as information regarding additional sources. We also appreciate corrections of any inaccuracies, which may have found their way through our screening process, or if you find any of our sources unreachable by any of the listed information we would appreciate being notified.

Members can download the list free as a PDF by going to the link button below



The Replica Resource Committee meets yearly at the ALFHAM Annual Meeting. At both annual and regional meetings, members present workshops and sessions that contribute to the use of replica objects in place of artifacts for exhibit and hands on demonstrations. Members also conduct workshops on how to write furnishing plans and give a “period” feeling to an historic setting.

If you are a member of ALHFAM and wish to be part of the Replica Resource Committee or have a resource you use that is not currently on the list, but you feel should be, please contact the chair listed above.

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