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Director of Farming Operations, Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, Stroudsburg PA

  • 27 Jul 2022 8:47 AM
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    Director of Farming Operations, Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, Stroudsburg PA

    Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm

    Job Description

    Job Title:        Director of Farm Operations

    FLSA:             Full-Time; exempt

    Date:               08/2022

    Salary:            $38,000 plus $4,000 reimbursable medical stipend

    Position Function: To manage the operations necessary to interpret 19th century farm, garden, and animal husbandry for visitors to Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm.

    Job Relationships:

    Supervises:                 Farm Assistants

    Supervised by:            Executive Director


    General Duties:

    Participate in supervisory and team meetings.

    Represent Quiet Valley with a positive, respectful, and courteous attitude and demeanor with other staff and the public at all times.

    Know and follow appropriate emergency procedures as set forth by Quiet Valley policy.

    Complete work-related tasks, not specifically set forth in the job description, as requested by Executive Director.

    Two weeks prior to a scheduled meeting, prepare a written report for the Executive Director to include with other information provided to the Board of Directors.

    Animal Care:

    Management tasks include:

    Maintain an appropriate number of farm animals to meet the needs of the educational programs through breeding or purchase. Identify markets to purchase new or to sell excess animals.

    Manage the tasks necessary for the health, safety, and cleanliness of the farm animals, including scheduling routine veterinary visits and daily feeding. Procure through cultivation or purchase nutritionally appropriate feed for all farm animals.

    Establish and maintain a system of record keeping documenting the purchase and care of farm animals.

    Gardens; Crops; Orchard:

    Plan and supervise planting of gardens, utilizing heirloom seeds, plants, and farming techniques appropriate for the 19th century when possible.

    Plan the gardens and crops for the purpose of demonstrating 19th century plants and methods; feeding the farm’s animals; providing materials used in demonstrating 19th century cooking, clothing production, and other interpretive projects; and providing a surplus to be used for special events. Continuously improve the historical authenticity and interpretation of gardens, farm crops, and heirloom orchard.

    Plan and supervise the care of gardens, crops, and orchard, including weeding, harvesting, and other tasks using modern and/or 19th century methods.

    Demonstrate the operation of farm tools and implements used in the planting and care of 19th century gardens and crops, including horse-drawn implements.

    Education Programs, Tours, and Special Events:

    Participate in interpreting 19th century farm life for school groups and visitors.

    Assist with other special educational programs.

    With management staff, organize, prepare for, and oversee ice harvest, maple sugaring, woodcutting, and spring cleanup days; ensure appropriate tools are ready and available for participants, and that proper safety precautions are taken.

    Supervise the preparation for and performance of horse drawn wagon rides.

    As appropriate, organize one group in the Apprentice program, providing activities and crafts to enhance participants’ knowledge of farm life.


    Minimum high school education or equivalent. College degree in agriculture, history, or education preferred, or equivalent life experience. Knowledge of animal husbandry, 19th century farm techniques, and historic preservation are helpful. Knowledge of and ability to use modern farming equipment such as tractors, hay baler, tedder, snowblower, and chainsaw is helpful.

    Working Conditions:

    The position is 40 hours per week and may include weekends and holidays. Tasks require a degree of physical fitness, heavy lifting; use of 19th century and modern tools and farm equipment; working with draft horses; care of farm animals; and other physically demanding work. Most tasks will be completed on a working farm in all types of weather conditions.

    Send resumes to and contact the Executive Director, Dr. Wayne Duerkes, at administrator@quietvalley.org with any questions.

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