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Historic Trades & Agriculture Interpreter

  • 13 Mar 2017 3:17 PM
    Message # 4664316
    Job Title:Interpreter - Trades & Agriculture 
    Opening Date/Time:  Tue. 01/31/17 12:00 AM Pacific Time
    Closing Date/Time:Continuous
    Salary:$11.72 - $12.59 Hourly
    Job Type:Part-time, 29 hrs per week or less
    Location:Fort Nisqually Living History Museum,
    5400 N. Pearl St., Tacoma, Washington
    Department:Parks and Natural Resources

    Under the direction of the Museum Supervisor, and leadership of the Education Program Coordinator, this position is responsible for interpreting history information regarding heritage trades and agriculture to the visiting public, enabling them to make a connection with the historic resources of the past. 

    In the performance of their respective tasks and duties all employees are expected to conform to the following:

    • Perform quality work within deadlines with or without direct supervision.
    • Interact professionally with other employees, customers and suppliers.
    • Work effectively as a team contributor on all assignments.
    • Work independently while understanding the necessity for communicating and coordinating work efforts with other employees and organizations.

     Essential Duties:
    • Interact with individuals and groups touring Fort Nisqually.
    • Provide historical information and answer questions about the original site and inhabitants.
    • Demonstrate appropriate 19th century trades and agriculture.
    • Lead guided tours as part of the school tour program.
    • Work collaboratively with other staff members on special event days.
    • Open and close all historic buildings within the Fort.
    • Care for all museum exhibits, whether indoors or outdoors, including crops and/or livestock.
    • Continue to expand knowledge of history through independent reading and research.
    • Acquire one or more 19th century trades/skills for the purpose of interpretive demonstration.
    • Mentor and familiarize Fort volunteers with our history and operations.
    • Adhere to period clothing guidelines.

     Minimum Qualifications:
    • Any combination equivalent to:  Bachelor's degree in agriculture, building trades, history or related field and a minimum of two (2) years of experience in interpretation, education, or presenting heritage crafts demonstrations.
    • Experience with living history preferred.
    • Experience training and driving horses and/or oxen preferred.
    • Experience working with children preferred.
    • Experience working in an education setting preferred.

    Valid Washington driver's license.
    Obtain a valid First Aid and CPR Card within the probationary period.

    • Knowledge of agricultural practices; 19th century agricultural practices preferred.
      • Examples: heritage breeds, practical farming operations and livestock management.
    • Knowledge of general trades; 19th century trades of an agricultural operation preferred.
      • Examples: carpentry, wood working, blacksmithing, etc.
    • Knowledge of livestock; knowledge of ailments and ability to communicate with a veterinarian preferred.
    • An understanding of the place of the farm within the community and the social, economic and political environment of the 1850-60s.
    • Must have at least one skill that may be employed in daily interpretation.
      • Skills may include, but should not be limited to heirloom gardening, livestock care/husbandry, country carpentry or blacksmithing.
    • Excellent communication and interpretation skills.
    • Must have ability to engage the public and be customer service oriented.
    • Desire to work with large groups of children and adults.
    • Customer service oriented.
    • Positive, cheerful and professional attitude.
    • Knowledge of draft animals, their equipment and how to best use them preferred.
    • The ability to drive a tractor, operate barn equipment, use farm implements, etc., preferred.
    • The ability to maintain vehicles, buildings and implements preferred.
    • The ability to schedule and perform planting, cultivation and harvesting of crops preferred.
    • The ability to handle and manage livestock care, breeding schedules, use and public demonstrations preferred.
    • The ability to undertake research and to direct and instruct staff about trades and the operations of mid-19th century farms, farming practices, and their relationship to the community preferred.

     Additional Information:
    Up to 29 hours per week.  Hours and days per week may vary.

    High comfort level in dealing with the public and media.
    Emergency medical situations.
    Must be able to work outdoors, in a variety of weather conditions.
    Must be able to stand for long periods.
    Adverse weather conditions.
    Noise, dust, pollen and insects. 

    Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate equipment, tools or a motor vehicle.
    Work flexible hours which will include weekends and holidays.
    Work outdoors in varying conditions and in buildings that lack climate controls.
    Stand for extended periods of time.
    Walking, lifting, kneeling, bending, crouching and seeing in varying light conditions.
    Hearing and speaking to exchange information and make presentations.
    Seeing to read and develop materials, prepare records and reports.
    Walking over rough or uneven surfaces during field trips.
    Ability to lift at least 25 lbs. to shoulder height.
    Ability to assist individuals with mobility limitations including, but not limited, in and out of
    Vehicles and up and down stairs.
    Show flexibility to perform other duties as assigned. 

    Contact with dissatisfied or abusive individuals.
    May work in close contact with dangerous animals.

    All qualified persons will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, political affiliation, disability or any other merit factor. 

    Employment is subject to a national background inquiry.

    Job applicants must be able to prove authorization to work in the United States at the time of a job offer as required by the 1986 Federal Immigration Reform and Control Act.  Documentation establishing authorization to work may include a Social Security Card, picture ID and/or other approved documentation. 

    This position is an at-will position with no written or implied contractual agreement.

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