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Full-Time Supervisor Cabinet Shop; Williamsburg, VA

  • 10 May 2018 12:45 PM
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    Supervisor_Journeyman Cabinet Maker


    Job Description:

    Ensures that the Cabinetmakers Shop operates efficiently and effectively on a day-to-day basis, meeting the expectations and educational mission of the Foundation.  Maintain up-to-date knowledge of historical research and resources related to eighteenth-century cabinetmaking.   Practice and interpret eighteenth-century cabinetmaking techniques and knowledge before the public at the program work sites.  Mentor apprentices and journeymen and provide training, and support for all site/program staff.     


    Ensures that the Cabinetmakers Shop operate efficiently and effectively on a day-to-day basis, meeting the expectations and educational mission of the Foundation, through the following:

    • Practice the trade of cabinetmaking and demonstrate appropriate methodology to Colonial Williamsburg visitors as well as other audiences as assigned.
    • Provide in-depth verbal interpretations of the trade, including materials, technologies and practices as well as the history of cabinetmaking with an emphasis upon those topics that relate first to eighteenth-century Williamsburg and then the North American colonies and the broader English Empire.  
    • Conduct research on the trade and related disciplines and apply to interpretive program and literature.
    • Coordinate shop work and interpretation responsibilities. 
    • Provide supervision, training, support, and direction to staff members.  Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, training, observing performance, providing constructive feedback, conducting performance appraisals, and, when necessary, counseling, disciplining, and terminating employees.   Advising the Director of Historic Trades and Skills of personnel problems or important issues affecting employees and making recommendations for improvement.  Establishing employees’ daily responsibilities, work schedules, and special projects.  Maintaining a positive, harmonious, and constructive environment both within the shop/site and toward the Foundation at large
    • Participate in training other Foundation employees about the history of the trade and its relevance to 18th century Virginia.
    • Represent the trade on departmental, divisional, and Foundation committees as assigned.  
    • Work with other Foundation employees to develop or support other interpretive programs; offer special workshops, symposia, and other presentations; cooperate in areas of production, research, publications, etc.
    • Work with Department of Safety and Security to develop, implement, and enforce on-site/program guidelines and procedures.  Ensuring that all safety and security procedures established for the site, tools, materials, artifacts/antiques, and equipment are followed.  
    • Monitor unit resources effectively and provide input for future budget allocation. 
    • Performing other related duties as required.

    Job Requirements:

    • Demonstrated skill as a cabinetmaker beyond that of a Journeyman
    • Exceptional skill of interpretive programming
    • Research background/contributions to advancing the knowledge or expertise in cabinetmaking
    • Training skills for shop staff and knowledge of curricula development for apprentices
    • Ability to administer shop correspondence, performance appraisals, disciplinary processes, work orders and assignments, and professional development
    • Professional conduct and ethics consistent with the CW Code of Ethics
    • Knowledge and support of the Historic Trades mission
    • Leadership in shop strategic planning and missions.
    • Accountability for the operation of the Cabinetmakers Shop

    Preferred Qualifications:  

    • A certificate from an accredited trade school in traditional cabinetmaking or a bachelor’s degree in American History
    • Extensive technical experience with traditional cabinetmaking, generally gained by apprenticeship training either inside or outside of Colonial Williamsburg.
    • Living history museum experience of at least 10 years, especially in a public history venue.
    • Demonstrated supervisory skills and responsibilities are preferred.

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