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A Regional Gathering of ALHFAM

ALHFAMers at a Mountain-Plains Regional Meeting

ALHFAM is divided into nine regions in North America to promote wider participation in ALHFAM activities at a local level. ALHFAM's regional representatives in both the United States and Canada coordinate regional meetings and distribute regional newsletters. There are six regions in the USA: New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest (represented by The Midwest Open-Air Museum Coordinating Council-MOMCC), Mountain/Plains, and West. There are three regions in Canada: Central Canada (Ontario and Quebec), Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island) and Western Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Yukon Territory). Coordination of the regions is the responsibility of the CORN Committee (Committee On Regional Networking), which is chaired by the Vice President.

We also have international members in countries outside of North America, including:

  • England
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Hungary
  • The West Indies
  • The Netherlands
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Romania
  • Latvia
  • South Africa






items to the

2014 ALHFAM Regional Online Auction

Donate items beginning Friday, November 7

Bid through Sunday, December 7



--50% of the selling price goes to the Region whose member donates the item

--50% goes to the region whose member wins the item

--100% of the proceeds go to a region when the both donor and successful bidder are members (or guests) of that region

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 The online auction is a service of the Committee on Regional Networking (CORN)


I append the regional reports for your consideration (See Links Below).  Most regions are fairly healthy, with functioning leadership, effective communication of one form or another, reasonably stable memberships and finances, and conferences held with more in the works.  Joint conferences seem to be gaining in popularity, as is the use of Facebook for communication, and electronic newsletters among the larger regions. 

Of course the regions vary considerably in membership numbers, from under a dozen to hundreds.  All three Canadian regions if combined would still be the smallest ALHFAM region in terms of membership.  As a result they face greater challenges when membership and geography are factored together, which is reflected in their reports, especially Atlantic Canada.  How can they effectively meet their members’ needs?   Would urging greater cross-border cooperation help, or further erode these regions?  Perhaps this question is worth our consideration...

Another matter of which the board needs to be aware is that Mick Woodcock is looking to step down as representative from the Western region.  He is not about to abandon his post, and is willing to serve until relieved, but he has been in this position for quite a while.  So far he reports no luck in finding a willing and capable successor but “will keep prospecting.”

Respectfully submitted
Tom Kelleher
October 24, 2013

Atlantic Canada (no report at this time)
Central Canada
Midwest (no report at this time)
New England
Western Canada

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