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Proceedings of the 2008 ALHFAM Conference (Vol. 31)

 Loyalty in Living History

Canada Agriculture Museum, Ottawa, ON &
Upper Canada Village



Loyalty in Living History. Michelle Dondo-Tardiff and Bruce Henbest, Conference Co-Chairs
Keynote Address
Building Organizational Success Through the Service Value Chain. Brian Marson
Past-Presidential Address
Rekindling the Passion. Lynne Belluscio
Loyalty to Museum Management
Living History: A Global History: Comments on Sten Rentzhog’s Open Air Museums. Debra A. Reid
Staying Loyal to Your Mission: Blessing or Curse? Maureen O'Connor Leach
Are Effective Teams Loyal? What Research Can Tell Us About Effective Teams. Candace T. Matelic, Ph.D.
Does Effective Organizational Leadership Require Loyal Followers? Candace T. Matelic, Ph.D.
Performance Management. Jim Mattson
How the Farm Got a Camel: When Bad Things Happen to Good People. Gabrielle Trépanier and Marie-Sophie

Work Horses or Work Courses: Training Heritage Professionals Through Applied Projects in the Field. Deborah Scott and Cindy Colford
Loyalty to Collections
Emergency Planning 101: Protecting Collections From Water Damage. Mick Woodcock
Smoke, Fire and Water. Dawn Bondhus
Loyalty to the Hearth
Canadian Food History 101: Compare and Contrast 1867 and 1967–A Dramatic “Mock Class” Presented by the
Culinary Historians of Ontario. Elizabeth Driver, Fiona Lucas, Amy Scott, Bob Wildfong and Maggie Newell
Leathers, Bladders and Brandy: Nineteenth-Century Covers. Sylvia Fraser
The Process of Transcribing a 1770 New Jersey Manuscript Receipt Cookbook. Mercy Ingraham
Loyalty to Livestock and Agriculture
Care of the Feet of Livestock. Barb Corson
Loyalty to the Living Historical Farm Movement: A History and a Profile. Ed Shultz
Living History Farms: A History of Loyalty to the Idea. Debra A. Reid
Howell Living History Farm: A Work in Progress. Pete Watson
Farming and the Highland Folk Museum. Bob Powell
Like a Wand to a Sorcerer: Plowing Matches in the Past and Today. Pete Watson
A Brief History of American Plowing Matches. Tom Kelleher
British Horse Plowing Matches: Over 200 Years of History. Bob Powell
Loyal to the Ox: Aspects of British Ox Farming Culture to the Early 1900s. Bob Powell
Bang Boards and Button Wire: Portraying Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Corn Production in
Canada and the United States. Jeremy Robson
Loyalty to Textiles
Loyalty in Fashion: Conform or Reform? Margot Dixon
Serving Two Masters: Accurate Costuming for Small Historic Sites. Carrie Fellows and Heidi Campbell-Shoaf
Loyalty to Lace. Andrea Wilson and Pam Glew
Loyalty to Nation and Identity
Loyalty and Community Rivalry: Echoes from 360 Years Ago in South West England. Peter Hood
Loyalties Shaping and Shaped by War: The “Peace Churches” in Eighteenth-Century United States and Canada.
Nancy V. Webster
Bull of the Woods–A One Man Show: Research Notes. Peter Pacey
Loyal to Each Other: The Irish Palatines. Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr
Loyalty to Visitors and Interpretation
“More Than Just a Hobby”: Historical Integrity, Identity and Loyalty by American and Canadian Military Re-
Enactors of the War of 1812. Erika Reinhardt
The Dictates of Conscience: Loyalty to Character in First Person Interpretation. Ron Carnegie
Trial of a Tory: History Has Its Day in Court. Timothy W. Essig
You Say Potato, I Say Pahtahtoe. Kandie Carle
Interpretive Notes on Gravestone Carving in Early Nineteenth-Century New England. Tom Kelleher

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