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The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM) is an international organization serving the interests and needs of its individual and institutional members and supporting experiential interpretations of history.

ALHFAM is incorporated in the State of Maryland as a non-profit tax-exempt (501[c][3])
organization, and is governed by a member-elected Board in accordance with member-approved bylaws.

ALHFAM draws its membership from a broad spectrum of individuals and organizations involved in the collection, preservation or interpretation of material culture, traditional skills and historical processes. Members include volunteers, reenactors, institutional staff and vendors of goods or services. ALHFAM’s original focus on farming and agriculture has expanded to embrace disciplines from architecture to zymurgy and many in between. ALHFAM maintains, and seeks to expand relationships with other museum, historical and interpretive organizations with related interests.

Services provided to members include publications, conferences, specialized instructional programs, electronic media, including a website and listserv, and support for regional affiliates. ALHFAM services assist members in fulfilling their professional responsibilities and improving the quality of their public offerings.

The Mission of ALHFAM

The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM) shares practical knowledge and skills among those who make history relevant to contemporary lives. We draw strength from our diverse network of members, sharing experience, research and passion for participatory learning.



Kimberly Costa, one of Colonial Williamsburg's Historic Foodways staff, wrote a great entry on the CW Historic Foodways blog, "History is Served," about this past June's ALHFAM meeting in Calgary.

ALHFAMer and food historian Sandra Oliver was quoted in an NPR story on the proposed Museum of Food and Drink, in New York City. The story is featured in the online collection of NPR food-related reports -- The Salt.

Living history presenter and ALHFAM member Stacy Roth talks about portraying Molly Pitcher on the official New Jersey 350th anniversary blog.

The May 15, 2014  New York Times had a special section on retirement, and one of the articles is about retirees finding second careers at historic sites. Among the sites mentioned are ALHFAM Institutional Members, Colonial Williamsburg, Plimoth Plantation and Old Sturbridge Village, and ALHFAM member Deb Friedman, senior vice president for public programs at OSV, is quoted!!

ALHFAMer and curator with the Jamestown–Yorktown Foundation in Williamsburg, VA., Martha Katz-Hyman was featured in a story about her presentation on slave live at Stratford Hall on Saturday, February 22, 2014. The story in the Fredericksburg, VA  paper, The Free Lance-Star, can be seen in this online edition - Fredericksburg.com 

ALHFAM member Carol Lopez, site manager for Casa San Ysidro in Albuquerque NM., was featured in a KASA Channel 2 News show on Jan.22, 2104. See the interview online.

ALHFAM institutional member Hanford Mill Museum's Ice Harvest Festival, scheduled for Feb. 1, 2014, was noted in the Happenings section of the Jan. 12-18, 2014 print version of American Profiles Magazine.

ALHFAMer Trena Winans-Bagnall, was featured in an article about her lead role in the play "Wait Until Dark", in MLive.com on  January 12, 2014. Trena's husband, and recent ALHFAM board member, Kyle gets a shout-out as well.

Listen to the National Public Radio story on National Indian Pudding Day, Thursday Novemebr 14, 2013 , to hear Plimoth Plantation Food Historian and ALHFAM member Kathleen Wall, talk-up historic New England cooking. And with Thanksgiving coming, you might just hear Kathleen hit the airwaves again real soon.

The December, 2013 issue of Early American Life features an article titled, The Case for Sausage by ALHFAMer Mercy Ingraham. The article  focuses on the sausage making workshop she presented at the ALHFAM Mid-Atlantic regional conference in March of 2012, at the Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown, NY, and is accompanied by beautiful photographs. A group picture of a host of other ALHFAMers that partook in the workshop appears in the article.

ALHFAMer Ed Nizalowski got some Southern-Tier New York TV coverage about his heirloom pole bean project.  Ed along with an organic gardener from his area made a fine pitch for greater agricultural biodiversity. See the Fox News story via video or read the print version.

The October issue of Early American Life has a mention of ALHFAM on page 1, in the editor's column.  Jeanmarie Andrews participated in the pottery session at Hale Farm during the workshop day and ALHFAM is given high marks along with instructors (and ALHFAMers) Mary Farrell and Mike Fox .

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