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New Electronic Resources & Data Systems (NERDS)


NERDS is the computer-solutions support group and clearinghouse for ALHFAM members, Committes, and other Professional Interest Groups. When called upon, the members of NERDS assist in ALHFAM projects that require the development and use of electronic resources and data systems to accomplish a specific ALHFAM-related task, or help direct the requester to additional resources. NERDS has helped with research, collections management, conference registration, imaging and web-based projects. NERDS periodically sponsors Annual Meeting & Conference workshops on topics such as DIgital Imaging Basics, Databases for Agricultural Census Research and Utilizing Digital Resources for Exhibit Development. The chair of the NERDS is also the chair of the ALHFAM Web Site Editorial Team.


Heidi Glatfelter Schlag
Market Early America Consulting
Frederick, MD

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