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Kimberly Costa

Colonial Williamsburg
401-E East Duke of Gloucester Street
Williamsburg, VA 23185




Annual Meeting News:

The Historic Foodways PIG discussed sponsoring a hands-on candy and confection or baking workshop sponsored by Historic Foodways sometime early next year. The location is yet to be determined, but will be in the Mid-Atlantic, quite possibly held in conjunction with the regional meeting. We continue to work on our Food Safety guide, which is currently in our first rough draft.  It is hoped that the guide will be finished by next year’s annual meeting, and once completed will be given to Blake to load on the web site for everyone to use.  Several members have offered their services to edit the guide. Historic Foodways will also present a session on combining foodways and first person at the 2014 George Chapman Memorial Retreat, sponsored by FPIPN. Several members have offered up suggestions for sessions for next year’s annual meeting including an “Iron Chef” type cooking event, probably to be held as a pre-conference workshop. The group would also like to expand sessions to include different food entrepreneurs, not just periods of food. For example, sessions on Kellogg, Mrs. Fields, Birdseye and so on. Another suggestion was to offer a “what is it” guessing game of kitchen objects that were technological improvements in their day. Historic Foodways has a Facebook page, but it gets little use. We are awaiting word on whether ALHFAM on the whole would like us to stop creating individual pages and stick to just the main group.

Fall Report to ALHFAM Board 

There was a proposal made to do a hands-on workshop in winter 2014, possibly in the Mid-Atlantic area to coincide with the annual meeting.  Since the PIG Chair has moved to Virginia, the plan to host the program has been put on hold until a new site, or venue can be found. 

The Food Safety guide is still in progress. It will be send to those who offered to review it sometime early next year for a first read through.

Our Facebook page gets very little use.  It was suggested that we make the page more interactive, such as hosting an on-line guessing game of unfamiliar ‘what is it?’ kitchen objects to spark more interest.

Our biggest issue is to find a new chair to take over after the Calgary Annual Meeting.  The person who was voted in to replace our current chair cannot accept the position. The following suggestions were made by the current chair to find a replacement:

  1. Members of our current email list can volunteer for the position, and then an email vote can be conducted.
  2. We can wait till the PIG meeting in Calgary to elect a new chair.
  3. The current chair can keep the position for an additional until the 2015 meeting will be at Colonial Williamsburg.  Since she is currently a member of the Foodways staff at Colonial Williamsburg, this may make it a little easier to plan hands-on cooking programs for the 2015 annual meeting.
  4. We can contact the ALHFAM Board and let them choose a member.

Kimberly Costa,
Historic Foodways PIG Chair
October, 2013



See the gallery of photos from the recent FARM & Historic Foodways Dairying Skills Workshop at Landis Valley Farm Museum. Link to Picasa Gallery

We continue to look for old members and wants to bring in the new. Please contact the chairperson if interested in being a member.

The Historic Foodways Professional Interest Group now has a Facebook page – Check it out now 

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